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What more could anyone want? Shun Ken Onion knives, rated by thousands of satisfied users all over the world to be one of the best folded Japanese knives. These are precision made using the same knife making methods that made the Samurai Swords. Ken Onion is the award winning and world famous knife maker and Premier Knife Designer for the equally famous Kershaw Knives. The combination of incomparable knife manufacture and knife design cannot be described.

Some chefs and knife aficionados all hail that the Shun Knives are considered one of the most beautiful knives ever to grace the kitchen counter. The heated and folded steel that makes up the layers of the knife blade will quickly satisfy the serious cook who wants nothing but the best performance blades in their hands.

The knives in this series are stunning. You can choose any knife that suits your needs – a 3 inch paring knife, 8 inch chef’s knife, 7 inch hollow ground santoku and many others. They is manufactured in Seki, Japan, the home of the Samurai craftsmen, and set in Pakka-wood which is a hardwood and resin combination that not only give it beauty of wood but the protection of the plastic making the handles last longer than the ordinary kitchen knives.

The handles are designed for comfort, so despite the sharpness of the knives, the user can do flowing motions with the knife on the cutting board. The bolster itself has a thumb and forefinger curved into the contours which reduces the stress of handling. In short, the feel of the knife is incredible as it is functional.

These are very sharp knives, there is no going around that fact. But it is not just the sharpness that matter here, they are well balanced and comfortable knives to use which prevents accidental slips. This is a very important feature for serious cooks and chefs who weld the knife with speed and precision. Any blade less than the Shun Ken Onion Knives should not fetch the same price


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