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When you’re dealing with a pile of knife and cutleries against a limited kitchen area, a Magnetic knife holder that effortlessly fits into the small space and nicely holds the knife blocks can be your saving grace. Nor pro Magnetic Knife Bar not only frees up a visible amount of space on the kitchen top by gripping together the hefty chunks of cutleries, the stylish design of the model transforms your old-school kitchen into a hi-tech, modern one. You can also install it in your garage, workshop or laundry rooms to hold all the gadgets and metal tools securely in one place.

Product Specifics

Norpro 18-Inch Aluminum Magnetic Knife Bar

The sturdy aluminum construction with a length of 18 inches can be easily attached to the wall with the help of screws. The bar holds the magnetic pressure to grip the knife, keeping it securely adhered to the knife strip. The equipment measures 18”/45.5 cm. The aluminum body is charged with a permanent extra strength magnetism which ensures the metal tools doesn’t fall from the holder at any cost.

The initial cost of purchasing the appliance is decent enough for the quality of performance it delivers. You’ll find a user’s guide inside the product package in which the installation instructions have been explained in detail.


Nor pro 18 Inch Aluminum Magnetic Knife Bar has a cool design to make your kitchen resemble a modern-age kitchen fully furnished modern-age kitchen. By clearing away crammed up utensils, knives and tools from the working space, it also turns your kitchen or garage into a tidier place. Install the magnetic holder at a readily accessible corner. I keep the device glued at a height where children can’t reach the knives. This is a great relief for the parents of young children.

This magnetic holder clutches onto the knife tightly and releases it with same ease. Placing the knives and utensils against a magnetic knife bar is a very practical and hygienic approach.

Installation of the implement is a matter of less than 10 minutes. You’ll be provided with an instruction manual where the installation process has been described in lucid terms. Additionally, you’ll get wall anchors and screws for fitting the machine perfectly against the wall.


Some customers have struggled with the installation and commented that the anchors and screws are poor in quality. The mounting issue can be handled by purchasing some solid screws and wall anchors. It won’t cost much. A few reviewers have expressed their grime for the end caps which apparently slide onto the screws instead of going through the screws.

Winding up the Review

Nor pro Aluminum Magnetic Knife Bar is a must-have for all kitchens, specially for the small ones. The magnet integrated in this model is simply outstanding. My kitchen doesn’t feel like a storehouse of cutleries anymore. I also feel relaxed and secure when the children are at home without my supervision. I guarantee you’ll thank me for this review once you use the product yourself.


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