Chikara 7108 - Carlson Knives Chikara 7108 - Carlson Knives

If you are looking for budget kitchen knives because you don’t cook a lot or frequently, it doesn’t mean that you have to compromise with quality. You may have heard that forged knives are better than stamped knives for their weight, but forged knives don’t come cheap.

Where can you get a good quality forged kitchen knives set that is not only sharp, beautiful, award-winning and highly rated by Consumer Reports, but also less than $100? Yes, the Ginsu Chikara is such a set.

Looks More Expensive Than It Really Is

Don’t be fooled by the cheap sounding name because this 8-piece set looks and feels almost like the top-of-the-range Shun knives.

They don’t have the layers of Damascus steel or even VG-10 hardened steel; they’re only stainless steel, which makes for the main difference in the price, but they are hefty and not cheap-looking at all.

Great Heft and Balance

The knives are very sharp out of the box and keep their edges well. The handles are smooth and knife balance is almost perfect. Many a chef has been pleasantly surprised by the weight and balance of the knives in this set.

People who love Japanese knives like me will like it that a Santoku is included in this set. It is one of the most multipurpose knives beside the utility knife and the chef knife. There is also a serrated knife for cutting soft food and tough food alike. The set would be perfect if it had a bread knife too.

Take Care of Your Knives

Although these knives are inexpensive, you must take care of them for them to last longer. I can never stress enough that you should always hand wash your kitchen knives and wipe them dry thoroughly and store them in a wooden block or on a magnetic strip. Never put them in a dishwasher or drawer to be bunged up.

Like all stainless steel objects, these kitchen knives will rust if you don’t dry them. The joints of the kitchen shears are the most susceptible to moisture and rust, so take extra care for its longevity.

The sharpness of the knives can be retained longer if you give the knives a couple of swipes along the honing rod before each use. When even honing doesn’t bring back the sharpness, it’s time to run the knives through a sharpener.

This affordable set of kitchen knives will last you for years to come if you take good care of it, and there’s no reason not to cook now that you can get such a good quality set for less than $100.


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