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Swedish knife makers have always been hailed by knife aficionados for their mastery over the art of survival tool making. Army and survival knives are popular Swedish exports. No wonder the finest survival knife in the world can only come from the land of the Vikings. Fallkniven A1 is a meaty, beasty, almost a foot long, 15 ounces heavy, formidable combating tool. The 6.3 inches cutting surface goes through several blade tests and load tests before reaching your hands.

What is a survival need? Why do you need one?

Life is uncertain. At one moment you’re sitting on your couch, munching popcorn and the other moment, a massive earthquake or a Tsunami nips everything in the bud. You never know when your destiny lands you up in a life and death situation where only your presence of mind and a good survival gear can save your life. In the worst case scenarios in a dense forest or in the foothills of a mountain, an ordinary kitchen knife won’t simply do. Those knives are designed primarily to perform known tasks like cutting, dicing, chopping and opening the tin can.

Be it bushcraft, kitchen duties or vicious attacking- specialty knives like Fallkniven A1 must excel in the realm of both conventional and anticipating tasks. From the period of Vikings till this 21st century, the design of survival knives have evolved according to the demand of the consumers.

Iconic survival aid Fallkniven A1 has a perfect combination of traits found in other types of knives. It is a mighty self-defense tool, a utility knife, a wood-splitter, a camper and a tool for general outdoor tasks like bushcraft, tearing apart animal carcass, digging, fishing and much more. The solid, razor-sharp, stainless, laminated steel blade of Fallkniven A1 reserves an amazing ambidextrous ability to perform like a machete and a spear in order to help you conquer the most extreme geographical regions.

This Swedish masterpiece is not meant for the novice users. To execute the life-saving features of the knife, you need practice, skill and lots of experience.

Things to look for in your survival knife


A stainless, wear and corrosion-resistant steel with fantastic edge retention property and durability is the heart and soul of an outdoor knife. Among the popularly used knife materials, VG-10 outshines it counterparts in many aspects.VG-10 steel owes its origin to the Samurai community in Japan.VG-10  is an alloy steel composed of 1% carbon,1% molybdenum,15% chromium,1.5% cobalt and 0.2% vanadium. Carbon steels are known for their superb edge holding property. The duty blade can take a formidable degree of survival pressure without bending. Bear in mind that carbon steel can develop rust when exposed to high humidity.


The ideal length recommended for a survival knife is 6 inches. Since specialty knives have plenty of variants depending on the geography, the length of the tool can extend upto 9 or 10 inches. The length, thickness and weight of the blade must depend upon what kind of challenges it is going to meet. 6-7 inches knife are easy to carry around and has all the quality traits required to sustain in unfavourable conditions. Deliver optimal performance for an extended period without needing to be honed is an essential task of a survival knife repertoire. Soft blades are capable for better edge retention but require frequent touch up. On the other hand, harder steels are brilliant at handling rolls, chips, rust, staining etc. but demand a great level of attention and effort to resharpen.

Handle and sheath

The handle of a job-specific knife is important because you need a tight grip on the tool for good maneuvering. Polymer or textured hard rubber grip with hollow handle is easy to operate, has no risk of slipping from sweaty palms and hassle free to store. The sheath with a hole protruding at the bottom further adds to the portability as well as the protection of the knife. Crossover straps are used in many sheaths as they provide smooth sliding.

Product Reviews:

1. Fallkniven A1 Fine Edge Fixed Blade Knife

Many veneered survivalists consider Fallkniven A1 as the most tempting survival cum combating tool to ever come into existence. As soon as you unsheathe the full-tang knife, you realize you’ve a one-in-all tool that can complete anything from housekeeping chores to demanding outdoor tasks like cutting deer, chopping woods, dice veggies and assault enemies with commendable precision.

Product Specification

Blade Details

The Fallkniven A1 has a length of 11 inches and weighs around 12 ounces which might raise the eyebrows of some. The blade steel of A1 is a sandwiched construction of two different layers of metal alloys, one is a soft, stain-resistant and the other is a more traditional, harder blade, capable of handling huge workload. The exceptional size and weight makes it an at-home knife for survival situations. The drop point design, wedge and sweeping belly of the blade improve the workability of the equipment. The cutting ability of this incredibly sharp blade will startle even the most fastidious critics out there.


The A1 uses laminated steel enhanced with a 420J outer cladding and a VG10 core. The Japanese steel borne VG-10 is hardened to 59 HRc. It’s not the size or weight that makes all the difference but the geometry. I had a phenomenal experience of chopping woods, batoning and fishing with this during my last year’s adventure trip to the Amazon. Handling wet, dry or snowy weather is hardly a burden for the knife.


The handle of Fallkniven A1 is made from Kraton a medium-rubbery, high-density polymer. There is a single lanyard hole featured on the pommel and a metal beam sneaking out at the bottom of the grip. Non-slip kratom handle, providing a secure grip on the tool, is an inseparable part of the A1 survival knife infographics.


This Swedish legendary ultimate specialty knife comes well-protected in a lightweight Zytel sheath. It also offers other variants like leather and lefty sheath. Zytel or polymer sheath is the safest option as it gives several advantages. Polymer is easy to clean and doesn’t get affected by the harshness or whimsicality of weather. The drain hole helps you to insert and remove the knife conveniently.


Honestly speaking, A1 knife didn’t leave much scope for complaint but one thing is there which I felt needed a little attention for improvement. The polymer sheath should contain a few more frills and a snap closure should be added for quick deployment. Utilizing a horizontal carrying option would be an amazing addition.

Bottom Line

The Fallkniven A1 is something any adventure-seeking fellow would be proud of. The clever ergonomics and Scandinavian of A1 simply transforms the knife into an extension of your hands. To utilize the useful features of a convex grind, technique is seriously important. The potential negatives that I mentioned are negligible. It’s a beautiful knife and cuts through almost everything decisively. What more can you ask for?


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