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Chef’s Choice is a celebrated knife sharpener making farm and their knives have always been a consumers’ darling for all the good reasons. The main focus of the brand is to create industry-level knife sharpeners and sell it at a price both professionals and homemakers can afford. This product came to me as a surprise gift from my brother who himself is an expert chef.

I will be trying to reflect my overall impression on the knife in detail with an intention to guide my friends who are planning to buy a good sharpener. I’ll begin the review with product specifics to create a lucid idea about the implement.

Product Details

Chef’sChoice Trizor XV EdgeSelect Professional Electric Knife Straight

The product dimension is approximately 6-1/5x 12x 6-2/5 inches. Chef’s Choice 15 Trizor is a one-in-all knife sharpener for the American, Asian and European style knives. Although each continent has a novelty in their knife design, there are varieties in the edge style as well (straight edge and serrated edge), the high performance 15 degree edge is a solution for all three of them.

The 3 stages of sharpening include diamond abrasives, flexible and friction stropping disks. The flexible spring of the device automatically converts a 20 degree factory angle to a15 degree edge and ensures the right angle is maintained during sharpening.

Chef’s Choice offers a 3 years warranty limited warranty on XV Edge Select Electric Knife Sharpener models.


Though the size of the knife seems relatively larger than other similar products going by the digits, I have never faced any issue with storing the knife in my limited kitchen space.

This is perhaps the fastest and the most versatile knife sharpeners I’ve ever used. It works well on both serrated and straight edge knives. Without putting much pressure, I’ve always acquired spectacularly sharpened edge within a few minutes. It really saves a lot of time in the kitchen.

One doesn’t require being in possession of great technical skills to handle this product. The trick is simple- just hold the knife tightly at a flat angle and change the two slots for once in all three stages. In the final stage, the blade will achieve a refined edge.

The chances of getting an injury during sharpening are next to nil with this product. By looking at the quality of the results, it’s definitely a cost-effective option for average customers.


The product would get a 5 out of 5 star rating from me if the makers could just include an instruction manual for quick sharpening like many other companies do. Another drawback is the limitation of the equipment. The device focuses and performs well only on specific angle knives.

Final Verdict

Having all said and done, Chef’s Choice 15 XV Edge Select is a go-to product for the serious people. The sharpener is quick but you need to lend your full attention to the angle while holding the knife for desirable effect. The price is decent and maintenance is hassle-free. Purchasing this product won’t be a disappointing decision unless your bad luck is quite good.


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