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Don’t you think that using a sharp knife is far safer than using a dull one? We are here to assist you so that you can get the best knife sharpener to sharpen your knife and keep it well maintained.

There are 3 things which you can use if you want to sharpen a knife. You can use a stone, strop or a hone. These three are done to make the knife durable and precise. However, most modern knife users go for a knife sharpening system which excels in every way.

Product Details

Chef’s Choice AngleSelect Hone Electric Knife Sharpener

The dimensions of the product are near around 12×6.2x 6.4 inches. It is designed in such a manner that it has no difficulty in sharpening Asian, American and European featured knives. The advanced Chef’s Choice Diamond Hone Angle Select Model 1520 can not only restore but also recreate both a 20 degree knife edge for European and American style knives and a 15 degree edge for Asian style knives.

The multiple purpose and stage induced sharpening system has the features of completely 100% diamond abrasives and flexible polishing stropping discs which are patented and create an arch edge structure pretty much like Gothic architecture.

The product comes with 3 years limited manufactured warranty & all the parts are assembled here in USA.


The Chef’s Choice 1520 is safer than most other knife sharpeners and known for its amazing durability. It can produce long lasting sharp edges. The product has been specifically crafted to offer remarkably sharp edges by using super accurate knife guides that can position the knives in automated settings.

It is efficient in rapid sharpening of serrated blades or fine edges. It is also equipped with metallic alloy that ensures better performances. The traditional Japanese style and Santuko, single bevel edges such as the thicker Deba type blades, along with sports knives and serrated edges can be taken care off by this product.

The most extraordinary feature that attracts me most is the patented flexible spring guides that control the accuracy of the blades sharpening angle.


This product is a top favorite as it is holding a dashing 4.6 rating in Amazon currently. Still, there remains some flaws. Some users complained that it is not suitable for traditional users. They think it is slightly costlier than usual sharpeners. However, keeping these negatives apart, this knife sharpener is definitely worth a purchase.

My Final Take

Chef’s Choice is a renowned brand name for knife sharpeners. The Chef’s Choice 1520 Angle Select Knife Sharpener is a great addition to their collection of quality products. A knife sharpener can’t be better than this. Considering every factors like- ease of use, performance, safety & noise level, I think this can be a great choice. Almost every user highly recommended this product. If you are serious about buying a quality sharpener, then don’t just waste your time, simply go for it. Trust me!! you would love this stuff.


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