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For any knife hobbyist or seasoned survivalist, owning a Buck is a highly prestigious affair. Buck knives have been enjoying overwhelming popularity since it was first launched in 1963. The traditional design of Buck 110 has remained unchanged since then. The Buck stamp on the knife speaks for the genuine quality of the product. The 110BRS model is perfect for a wide range of outdoor applications such as hunting, cooking, skinning, fishing, digging, fire making and what not!

This particular line of product was introduced mainly as a foldable hunting knife. With the time and advancement of technology, the old school design has been upgraded to an edgy tactical knife by means of improved material and sound ergonomics.

Product Specifications

Buck Knives 110 Folding Hunter Lock-back Knife, Brass Bolsters

The Buck 110 pocket knife has a dimension of 4 7/8 inches when closed with a blade length of 3.75 inches. This ideal measurement raises it to the status of one of the best folding tactical knives in the world. The bulk of the equipment has faced some criticisms lately. Weighing almost 205 grams is a big thing for a pocket knife.

The sturdy brass bolsters also contribute to the non-functioning weight of the machine. The clip point blade manifests acute sharpness. Coming to the blade, the life of any knife, the blade of Buck 110 is constructed from a sturdy 420HC stainless steel. Tempering steel adds optimal edge retention ability and edge to the blade. The tool sports a perfectly polished natural wood grain handle for superior grip.


Buck 110BRS, as I love to call it, is a great hunting knife in a tactical knife format. You can hardly find a better present for your outdoor-life enthusiast friend. The impeccable clip point blade easily penetrates the skin of the animal. The fine edge and strong grip helps you to apply maximum force while field dressing to hunting down a game.


The back lock mechanism is particularly noteworthy for the authority it provides. The locking sprint is attached for minimizing the blade play. Honestly speaking, the lock bar does make deploying and folding back the blade a bit difficult. You have to use both hands to push the blade back into the handle at times. The reverse grip on the knife comes handy in survival situations.


Buck 110 comes nicely packaged in a beautiful, weather-resistant leather sheath. The sheath is thick and well stitched. A belt loop is added to it for the ease of carrying.


It certainly is an extraordinary piece of art for the collectors. The charming appearance, Buck’s brand value and excellent functionality make Buck 110 a desirable pocket knife for the performance-oriented users as well. It does what it’s supposed to do nicely and holds the edge for long enough after numerous rigorous actions.


The otherwise flawless blade of the Buck 110 is in need of a little more cutting belly. The gargantuan weight of the knife often makes some eyebrows raised in disbelief.

My Views

At the end of the day, one can never go wrong with a Buck knife. It’s efficient, it’s meaty and it stands strong under the toughest situations. The price is decent enough for the performance you get. The weight is not an issue if you’re a little experienced with heavy knives. With this, I’m wrapping up my review of Buck 110BRS. Hope it has been helpful enough.


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