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When it comes to top brand names in the knife world, the Benchmade Griptilian always shows up.

Many people who have used the brand can agree that there are many features you can enjoy when using the product each time.

The designs and countless variations of the knives is what makes the brand stand out. It is highly likely that the company takes a lot of time to work on their knife designs. It is the reason their knives are always unique.

If you own a Griptilian knife today, you are among the many people who understand design and functionality combined in a knife.

If you are yet to own one, do not worry as it is never too late to try it out.

5 Best Benchmade Griptilian Knives Review:

1. Benchmade – Mini Griptilian 556 Knife, Drop-Point Blade

For a full-size knife from this brand, it measures 8” in length with a blade of 3.45”.

Many people would come out saying it is too large and might just be too heavy. That is not the case with this brand. The full model size only weighs 3.25 ounces, making it easily portable.

By keeping the weight down, most people would of course come running to get the product. They know that they can still use it for different uses around the home or while on a hike.

There is still the Mini-Griptilian knife that you can choose too.

It has an overall length of 6.78” and a 2.9” blade. It weighs only 2.56 ounces, making it a lightweight product. Not many people would want walking around with a heavy knife all day long.

For those who might feel that the full size knife being too large, you can always switch to the mini-Griptilian knife today.

It is always a matter of preference and Benchmade Griptilian has got you covered either way.

2. Benchmade – Griptilian 550-1 Knife, Sheepsfoot Blade

Let us face it, you will not always have the same needs when choosing a knife as compared to another person.

You will want a blade that can help you achieve your needs easily.

The Griptilian knives model has various types of blades you can choose from. You can have the plain edge, partial serrated and many others.

The best way would be taking the time to check out the best blade type that will work for you before buying.

From the official Benchmade website, you can sort the knives based on their blade types for easy comparison.

3. Benchmade – Griptilian 551 Knife

If you are going to spend over $100 on a knife, you actually expect it to be strong and durable.

Durability of the knives is all based on the type of construction used.

All the Griptilian knives have a stainless steel blade. Such a blade is likely to last for a lifetime without it getting stained or rusty.

You would not want to use a rusty knife when preparing your food.

The handle too is made of a strong material that will keep it looking great even after years of use.

It is common to find the blade lasting longer than handles in most knife brands, but for this brand the handle is equally good.

4. Mini Griptilian 556 Knife, Drop-Point Blade, All Around Functionality,

As part of making beautiful knives, the Benchmade Griptilian knives have a nicely made handle.

The handle is made of Valox, which is a type of lightweight plastic resin.

Lightweight is not the only thing that makes the handle great, but rather its durability.

The handle is further designed to be better in every way possible. You can easily feel it being comfortable whenever it is in your hand.

Such a design of the handle makes it easy to work with the knife at all times.

The pocket clip available makes it easy for any person to carry the knife easily. You simply have to clip the knife onto your pocket and you are good to go.

5. Benchmade – Griptilian 553 Knife with CPM-S30V Steel, Tanto Blade

The amount of time taken to deploy the knife is important to any person who is a knife enthusiast.

The Benchmade Griptilian knives are known to have an alarming deployment speed. You should be in a position to easily deploy the knife whenever you need it, and lock it again once you are done with the application.

The deployment speeds are largely based on the phosphor washers installed on the knife. You can now easily deploy and lock the knife in a snap.

The same cannot be said for other types of knives that might be too cumbersome to deploy and lock.

The use of the axis lock mechanism is what you really need in a knife. You will have no trouble at all feeling safe knowing that the knife is perfectly locked in its position.

The locking system also helps you to easily lock and open the knife by using only one hand.

Whether to Choose A Full Size or Mini Griptilian

Both the full size and mini Bechmade Griptilian knives have their best features to offer.

They do differ mostly in size and design too, but they all present the best durability you will ever get in the knife industry.

The best way of choosing between the two would be taking the time to learn more about the different features each knife has to offer.

After that is when you can design what is best for you between these two types of Griptilian knives.

There is no problem at all if you end up buying both types of Griptilian knives.

Final Verdict

The reputation that the brand Benchmade Griptilian knives are getting, of course, is well deserved.

The company has been making knives that set it apart from the main competitors.

Without a doubt, you will feel that you own a piece of modern classic style. The knives are lightweight making them easily portable.

Who would not want such a knife, especially if you are into hunting most of the time. The knives are also made of a durable material, especially the blade part.

The stainless steel blades will not be damaged any time soon.

Get a Griptilian knife today to experience more of the features it has to offer.


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