A Concise Review of Buck Knives 110BRS Folding Hunter Knife

It was not a coincidence that the Buck 110 had the power of uniting my family around a shared passion for pocket knives. As I came to know, the first Buck Knife was produced as a result of an experiment held by a blacksmith kansas apprentice named Hoyt Buck who, while looking for a more suitable way to temper steel so it would hold and edge longer, ended up laying the foundations of a family empire in 1902 when he built the first prototype.

Hoyt gained recognition during World War II due to his hand-made pocket knife for which he used worn-out file blades as raw material. His eldest son, Al, after spending some time in the navy, got interested in joining his father´s business and they both established a store under the name of H.H. Buck and Son.

After Hoyt’s decease, Al remained active in the company until incorporating Buck Knives, Inc. in 1962. Two years later, he created the Buck knife 110 that over time became a ‘must have’ tool for outdoorsmen who needed a sturdy pocket knife but did not want to hold up a long fixed-blade knife.

His invention put Buck Knives, Inc in the map and allowed the company to evolve since the Buck 110 within two years developed into the best-selling sports knife in the world.

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Product Specifications

There are many reasons why Buck Knife 110 is one of the best pocket knives in the cutlery industry. To begin with, users like myself find it quite handy for detail work as the crescent tip blade has a very sharp point that helps to save time and effort in specific tasks, such as piercing and cutting in tight places.

His blade lenght of 3-3/4- inch and closed lenght of 4-7/8- inch is another advantage as well as the 420 HC stainless-steel used for the clip blade. This compound has a remarkable edge retention and corrosion resistance that I can certify as a regular consumer of this product. In many years of continuous use, I haven’t had one single complaint about the performance and durability.

Later, I discovered that the best pocket knife of the market does not age because the company wisely chose to harden to a standar Rc 58 for a better outcome. And, as this was not enough, the lockback design opens easily and closes safely during any activity becoming a harm-free pocket knife.

In the other hand, I must highlight the Dymondwood handle with polished brass bolsters and the genuine black leather sheath with a snap closure that can be carried on your belt.

Top knotch Features

For many experienced hikers, such as myself, this is not a little detail since it is pretty common for me to lose a few of my tools having to transport way too many items.

With the hands-free sheath, I do not have to worry about that anymore, another reason to recommend the Buck 110 as an excellent choice regarding case pocket knives.

Finally, the forever warranty offered by Buck Knives is a conclusive criteria to purchase the pocket knife, basically because users have nothing to lose and, potencially, could gain a lot more than just a simple hunting knife. I did. The company guarantee each and every Buck Knife 110 to be free of defects for the life of the knife.

Also, they promise to replace a damaged or defective knife with a new one or repair it if it holds sentimental value.

The sturdy brass bolsters also contribute to the non-functioning weight of the machine. The clip point blade manifests acute sharpness. Coming to the blade, the life of any knife, the blade of Buck 110 is constructed from a sturdy 420HC stainless steel. Tempering steel adds optimal edge retention ability and edge to the blade. The tool sports a perfectly polished natural wood grain handle for superior grip.


Buck 110BRS, as I love to call it, is a great hunting knife in a tactical knife format. You can hardly find a better present for your outdoor-life enthusiast friend. The impeccable clip point blade easily penetrates the skin of the animal. The fine edge and strong grip helps you to apply maximum force while field dressing to hunting down a game.


The back lock mechanism is particularly noteworthy for the authority it provides. The locking sprint is attached for minimizing the blade play. Honestly speaking, the lock bar does make deploying and folding back the blade a bit difficult. You have to use both hands to push the blade back into the handle at times. The reverse grip on the knife comes handy in survival situations.


Buck 110 comes nicely packaged in a beautiful, weather-resistant leather sheath. The sheath is thick and well stitched. A belt loop is added to it for the ease of carrying.


It certainly is an extraordinary piece of art for the collectors. The charming appearance, Buck’s brand value and excellent functionality make Buck 110 a desirable pocket knife for the performance-oriented users as well. It does what it’s supposed to do nicely and holds the edge for long enough after numerous rigorous actions.

  • It is renown for holding an edge exceptionally well just like only the best pocket knives do.
  • The pocket knife has very little side to side wiggle, which is a sign of a quality knife.
  • The locking mechanism of the Buck 110 is solid and simple to use. When open, it feels like holding a fixed blade knife with the security it can be fold.
  • It is a good looking, functional, long-lasting and made in the US knife. Cuts and handles well even after decades of use.
  • Can be cleaned easily with mild soap and nylon scour pad.
  • It is very sharp.
  • The large blade is capable of completing practically any job that comes it’s way.
  • It is a collectors pocket knife.
  • The brass at both ends of the handle is polished to a mirror shine and treated with an invisible coat of high-tech lacquer so the brass will never tarnish. Is there anything the best pocket knife in the cutlery industry can’t do?
  • The blade of Buck Knife 110 is flawless and contoured with it’s distinct shape and razor-sharp beveled edge.

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  • The otherwise flawless blade of the Buck 110 is in need of a little more cutting belly. The gargantuan weight of the knife often makes some eyebrows raised in disbelief.
  • The lock can be considerably stiff.
  • Users need to be extra careful with the tip since it can break after little use.


Frecuently Asked Questions:

What does ‘BRS’ signify in the description ?

BRS is just part of Buck’s best pocket knife alpha-numeric designation for the 110 model. Not all sellers include BRS in the description but they do on Buck’s website. If it had -B on the end it would be ‘boxed’ and if it had -C, that would mean clamshell packaging.

Does this knife come with a leather sheath?

Yes, it does and it outstands between other pocket knives.

I bought this knife and the blade is stamped with a ‘50’ in an anvil instead of ‘Buck 110’. What is the difference?

You received a pocket knife made celebrating the 50th anniversary of Hoyts knives. The anvil represents the workshop where he first started handmaking the now famous Buck knives.

Is there space on the handle for engraving? Would engraving terminate the warranty?

There is plenty of space for engraving. As for the warranty, I don’t think you need one because it is a Buck knife 110, which are of good quality with low price.

Is the sheath sold separately?

It comes with a good quality leather belt sheath. Case pocket knives are a problem solver.

Quotes from some users

“I own many different knives made by different pocket knife manufacturers. While I do have favorites, I believe the Buck 110 is one that everyone should own”.

“The Buck 110 has been around for decades and will continue to and that alone says something about it”.

“It’s a buck. If you ever owned one you KNOW IT IS A GREAT KNIFE”.

“I am a merchant seaman and have carried a Buck knife all my 36 years career. This knife holds and maintains a great edge and is perfect in a salt water marine environment”.

“Bought this for my dad to cut hay bale twine. Works perfect and it is American made. Not to mention the price was way better than the tiny knife my uncle paid a lot more for”.

“A dog is a man’s best friend….and so is his knife. The Buck 110 is one of the most popular pocket knives that you can still buy”.

“Bought this knife in 1997 and have used it for various cutting projects. It has been dropped, sunk and used several times per day and still looks good”.

“There are no better knives in my opinion”.

“All my life, I’ve heard of the Buck Knife. And if I had to guess I’d say it was a ‘type’ or ‘style’ of knife. Neither is the case. The Buck 110 pocket Knife is a family-run business totally committed to manufacturing only the best products”.

“You have to give American made Bucks a 5 star review because you are getting good quality for a hell of a good price”.

“This is the knife you can trust your life with. It&#39;s great for camping, survival and most obviously, hunting”.


My Views

At the end of the day, one can never go wrong with a Buck knife. It’s efficient, it’s meaty and it stands strong under the toughest situations. The price is decent enough for the performance you get. The weight is not an issue if you’re a little experienced with heavy knives. With this, I’m wrapping up my review of Buck 110BRS. Hope it has been helpful enough.

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