Buck 301 BKS Stockman pocket knife review

Pocket knives are quite handy, and Buck 301 Stockman is no different. This three-blade pocket knife is made of steel to ensure its durability, is multi-functional as it can be used for a number of things, and is corrosion-resistant. The features of this knife have been optimised to ensure that as it is being used, it gives a perfectly clean cut. These knives come in handy during different situations as they are perfect for cutting through an apple, cutting kindling for starting a small fire, and even for self-defense and protection.

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Product description

The Buck 301 is a heavy duty knife that is easy to flip open. The blades are easy to open and close, which is effective when you have to quickly get a blade. The size ensures that it fits easily in any pocket, and the price definitely makes it worth your while. The quality of this knife compared to the price shows absolute cost-effectiveness, considering how durable it is.

Pocket knives make for very good generational habits as they are perfect for passing down to a budding man. Due to the folding ability of these pocket knives, they can be used by boys – and girls – as young as 12. Boy Scouts need pocket knives, especially when they go camping, and this pocket knife would be a good choice. They are a bit heavy so I wouldn’t recommend it for very young kids. Due to its weight, this pocket knife is best for anyone whose activities are very handy, for example, anyone who is in construction or anyone who works on a farm. Anyone wondering around the woods would also find this pocket knife important for several reasons, including protection, and military personnel will find it useful as well.

If you have a cutting task that you need to do, use the Buck 301. Its sharp edges and flat surface make it easy for cutting needs. Of course, I wouldn’t try using it for splitting wood, that is a bit unrealistic, but for any light tasks, this would be the perfect pocket knife.

The functions of this pocket knife vary, and they include light duties like cutting through apples, peeling and skinning, and slightly heavier duties like cutting kindling for starting a fire. It can also be used on tough ropes and fibers and slicing open your mail as well.

This is probably the best pocket knife you will ever use, and this is for a number of reasons. First, it comes with three blades which can easily be flipped, and these blades are of different sizes for your different needs. The 3-inch clip compact, the sheep foot blade, and the Spey are all compacted into a slightly heavier final product, and it can, therefore, be easily carried in a pocket or a bag. Moreover, the blade is made of stainless steel which makes it durable, and it is also non-corrosive, which ensures that not only does it last longer, but it also stays effective for a long time. The sharp cutting edges of the blades make cutting and slicing much easier during use. This Buck Stockman comes with a life warranty as well, and the handles are made of plastic on which the “Classic Bolt” logo is enhanced. No knife screams manly like the Buck 301, and this is why you should own one.

This pocket knife can be used anywhere, from the kitchen to the farm and to the garage. When camping, this knife will come in handy when putting up tents and making fires. In farms and ranches, this knife can be used for the different activities on the farm.

The method of use of the knife is dependent on the requirement for the knife at the time. When you require a smaller blade, flip it out and use it. When cutting, ensure that the point that applies pressure is sharp and sure. Any other size of the blade can be flipped open and used, and it will be effective if the right amount of pressure is applied. When cutting, be careful to ensure that the sharp edge is not in a direct path towards any part of your body or an important item of yours.


Pros and cons of the Buck 301 BKS Stockman pocket knife


  • These case pocket knives are very convenient. This is because they can be carried anywhere at any time and in the smallest of places.
  • The knife is made out of stainless steel that aids in its strength. Moreover, the stainless steel, which doesn’t wear out easily, translates to the durability of the knife.
  • Durability is also aided by the non-corrosive nature of the stainless steel used to make the knife.
  • The different knives within the folding pocket knife can be used for various functions. It can be used for peeling and skinning, and the flat surface aids it in easy sweeping strokes of the knife.
  • This pocket knife makes it to the list of best pocket knives also because of its handle and its back springs. The handle gives a pretty firm grip while the back springs as an extra pair.
  • It is made by a United States Company, one that can account for its credibility.


  • Some customers complained that the back springs in their pocket knives are weak.
  • The three blades make it a bit heavy, which means it is not recommended for any young boys.
  • This knife has no lock, unlike other Buck models.
  • It does not come with a leather sheath.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where is this knife made, in USA or China?

This Buck 301 series is made in the USA. Other knives, like the Buck 371 are made in China.

Can you etch a name on the handle?

If one is thinking of giving the knife a name as a gift, or if he wants to indicate his name, it is possible.

Are there specific functions for each of the three blades?

Not quite. The uses of the blades are not specifically written down, they are determined by the user.

Does the knife come with a leather sheath?

No, they don’t. This series of Buck Stockman knives don’t come with leather sheaths.

Does this knife lock when folded in?

Unfortunately, no.

Is this pocket knife appropriate for a beginner?

Yes. However, lighter brands would probably be a better choice.

I feel as if the length is a bit longer than the standard pocket knives. Can it fit in my pocket?

Yes, it can. When folded, the length of this pocket knife can fit into any pocket.

What does BKS stand for?

It is just a brand designation for this model of Buck knives.

The lifetime warranty, is it for real?

Yes, it is. However, I am sure you will not need it.

When I buy it online, do I have to pay for shipping as well?

This is absolutely dependent on the online store from which you have bought the knife. Some charge while others do the shipping for free.



The Buck 301 knife is a must-have knife for any man or aspiring man. The strength and durability of this knife, brought on by the stainless steel that is used to make the blade, makes this the perfect multi-generational knife. Not many products have a lifetime warranty, but the warranty on this product just goes a long way to assure you of the high quality of this knife.

The uses of this pocket knife vary, depending on what you do. Its weight makes it a good knife for anyone who mostly does handy jobs. Apart from handymen, this knife can be used by boy scouts during camping, families when fishing, and even by military men.

In short, this knife cannot disappoint, and you should get yourself one today.

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