The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Bushcraft Knife

Bushcrafting is the ultimate skill of surviving in the wild. Of course you can carry a hefty, overweight tool to perform demanding tasks like batoning, preparing the firewood or combating but it limits the capacity to efficiently get over more subtle tasks like making the trap for

Buck 301 BKS Stockman pocket knife review

Pocket knives are quite handy, and Buck 301 Stockman is no different. This three-blade pocket knife is made of steel to ensure its durability, is multi-functional as it can be used for a number of things, and is corrosion-resistant. The features of this knife have been optimised

Manually Sharpening Your Knives In 4 Easy Steps

Whether you’re working with traditional kitchen knives or hunting and fishing knives, making sure your knife has a sharp edge is very important – a sharp knife does its job more efficiently and is safer to use. Unfortunately, all knives lose their edge over time, requiring that

Buying Knives? Check The Handles

Contents1 Strong Foundations: A Look At Knife Handles2 All the Way Through3 Holding it Together4 Get a Grip5 The Foundation of a Great Knife Strong Foundations: A Look At Knife Handles   When purchasing knives, most people are – unsurprisingly – primarily concerned with the quality of

A Detailed Guide to Choose the Best Skinning Knife

No professional hunter or wildlife enthusiast can survive the extreme condition of a jungle without a skinning knife, particularly used for hunting and skinning the hides of games. Keeping in view the application of these knives, manufacturers prefer to keep the weight and size as limited as

How to Choose the Best Multi Tool – A Comprehensive Guide

You’re the Mr. or Ms. Fix-it-all in a blink of an eye person of the home, right? You spend half of your day playing with screws and nut bolts of every machine existing within your eyesight and the other half looking for a beer bottle opener or

Best Bowie Knife – Our Top Picks

Task-specific knives make our lives easier by favoring certain actions we need to accomplish in our everyday lives. Bowie knife, a brainchild of Col. James Bowie, is a survival gear of a whole new dimension. An authentic Bowie knife has to be in the grey zone between

Best Fillet Knives for the Money in 2017 – Your All-in-One Guide

Culinary art thrives on perfection, precision and an overwhelming passion for the art itself. From the preparation of a dish to garnishing it, everything has to be pitch-perfect in order to serve the guest with the best. This ever-increasing demand for accuracy in food making has prompted

A Round-up of the Best Electric Knives for the Money

Electric knives sound like a latest entry in the world of gadgets and gizmos but surprisingly, they are not. It has been embraced by people back from 1970. Electric knives were mostly sold during Thanksgiving dinner for finely slicing the turkey meat to perfection. From the dawn of