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The Best Utility Knives

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Buyer's Guide

Buying Utility Knives For Home and Professional Use

A utility knife is any kind of knife designed for general hand work purposes, especially for cutting and managing materials. These knives were originally fixed blade knives with strong, durable cutting edges specifically designed for tough, rough use for cutting cordage, removing skin, butchering meat, cleaning fish scales, shaping timber, and many other tasks. There are various types of utility knives available and a number of them come in different sizes and designs. You can choose from pocket, fixed blade, drop point, full blade, ceremonial, sports utility, hunting, military, kitchen, safety, and many more.

Most utility knives are one-handed or fixed blade. These tools have a blade that is either fixed in place or mounted on the handle. Fixed blades usually have a larger cutting surface area than those with a blade mounted on the handle because of its fixed position. These kinds of knives are ideal for cutlery, shears, scissors, blades, sporting goods, jewelry, tools, automotive, tools, and a lot more. You can carry one in your pocket and shave easily.

One of the most popular types of utility knives is a pocket knife. In a single file folder, there is one blade that is closed and another is open for cutting or shaving. These are perfect for people who are always on the go and for women who often need something small enough to fit into their purse. Most folding utility knives are made of solid steel for durability and long lasting use.

A box cutter is a utility knife that has a sharp blade that can be used to cut strips of wood, cardboard, plastic, or sheet metal. A woodman's tool box cutter is a smaller version of this tool. A box cutter has a double edge that makes it easier to cut through tough materials. The blade can be adjusted for cutting thickness or length to suit the job. These are great for people who cut hard items regularly or those who live in very small places where they need to take care of a lot of jobs at once.

If you need a lightweight folding knife that can perform multiple tasks, you should look at the retractable utility knives. You can carry one in your pocket and have ready to cut any task that comes at you. You can also get a fixed blade utility knife that has a blade that can be retracted when it is not in use. These kinds of utility knives are great for trimming lawns, cleaning up messes, and for skinning animals. If you are interested in buying a set of retractable utility knives, make sure that the blades are made from strong material.

Many professional builders carry several utility knives to meet different needs. For instance, you can get a box cutter and a nail gun if you plan on doing some remodeling in your home. You can also buy a pair of hand tools to help you with different kinds of odd jobs around the house. These hand tools can include such things as a screw driver, chisel, tape measure, and hammer.

The last kind of utility knife that you will want to buy for yourself is a folding utility knife. This kind of item is ideal for a professional builder because he needs to carry many different tools for all kinds of jobs. This means that a professional builder needs to get one-handed folding utility knives that can perform both cutting tasks and opening and closing tasks easily.

Utility knives used by professionals are often referred to as folding knives. These kinds of knives are usually constructed of light material and have a fine steel cutting edge that can be used to quickly and easily chop wood, paint thinner, metal, or screws. A professional can often carry these types of items without any difficulty at all. You should take a look at them today and see what they can do for you!