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The Best Utility Knife Blades

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Bestseller No. 1
CRAFTSMAN Utility Knife Blades, 100 Pack (CMHT11921A)
  • Heavy duty utility blade for general cutting, trimming, and scraping of a variety of materials
  • Precision-honed edge for consistent and long cutting life
  • Fits most standard utility knives
  • 100 pack
SaleBestseller No. 2
WORKPRO Utility Knife Blades, SK5 Steel, 100-pack with Dispenser
  • 🎈 Notice- Be sure to watch our HOW-TO video before using it. It can help you slide the blade out quickly and easily
  • ⚔ Super Versatility - It is made entirely according to standard utility knife blades and fit most standard & fixed...
  • ⚔ Affordable - Includes 100 blades and they come in a well-built case for safe storage and disposal. Each blade is...
  • ⚔ Durable - They are made from SK5 steel, which is well-built and durable
Bestseller No. 3
WORKPRO Utility Knife Blades, 100-Pack Utility Blades Replacement with Dispenser, SK5 Carbon Steel,...
  • Premium SK5 Steel: Constructed of SK5 carbon steel, with precision-honed edges, these high quality utility blades stay...
  • Versatile Utility: The universal utility knife replacement blades are standard size, to fit and deliver optimum...
  • 2 Handy Dispensers: Push the black button to take 1 utility blade, pull the bottom to take 5 utility blades. Safely take...
  • Innovative Designs: With 3 holes, the compact blade dispenser can mount on the wall for easy access. Scale on side of...
Bestseller No. 4
WORKPRO Utility Knife Blades, Steel Construction, Regular Duty SK5 Blades, (10 Pack)
  • Used in all standard utility knives
  • Regular-duty utility blades for cutting light sheet materials, paper and cardboard
  • Fits most standard utility knives
  • Razor-sharp, tempered, SK5 blades
SaleBestseller No. 5
STANLEY Utility Knife Blades, Classic 1992, Heavy Duty, 100-Pack (11-921A)
  • Engineered for all-purpose cutting
  • Dispenses 1 blade at a time
  • Precision-honed blade edge for consistent, long-lasting cutting life.
  • Blades fit most standard utility knives
SaleBestseller No. 6
Gerber Gear 22-41830N EAB Pocket Knife, Stainless Steel
  • Accepts standard or contractor grade utility blade
  • Liner lock safety
  • Pocket clip doubles as money clip
  • Overall length 4.1-Inch, closes length 2.4-Inch

Buyer's Guide

Tips On Finding The Best Blades For Your Utility Knife

What are utility knife blades? A utility knife is any kind of knife designed for general manual labor uses. In other words, utility knives are the best kinds of knives to use for your general labor needs. These knives are great if you need to perform a variety of manual tasks at home or around the house. There are many kinds of utility knives that you can purchase; however, they all have one thing in common: their blades.

1. Snap-off blades

These kinds of utility knife blades do not have a spine or a handle. The blade will simply "snap off" when you cut an object. The snap-off blades tend to be less sharp than traditional blades and require constant sharpening. If you want a knife with good cutting ability, but you don't want to sharpen your blade with regular use, you may want to consider purchasing a new blade.

2. Tip Blades

Tip blades are a great option for anyone who wants a more functional and efficient utility knife. They come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and designs. Most tip blades are made out of high carbon, stainless steel, or diamond no-carbon material. Some tip blades are made from a lightweight material like cardboard while others are made out of heavy gauge wood or aluminum. Some tip blades will even be able to be purchased in different sizes, from small, medium, or large.

3. Hook Blades

Hook blades are another kind of utility knife blades. They feature a sharpened hook shape at the very end of the blade. Many hook blades will actually be made out of a combination of carbon and ceramic material. Although hook blades can be a little bit difficult to sharpen, they are very effective and make a great choice for anyone who is looking for a blade that is both easy to use and strong.

4. Box Cutters

One of the most common types of utility knives is box cutters. There are several different styles of box cutters. You can get box cutters that have a double edge or a single edge. Many box cutters will also feature some type of side-cutting device. A side cutting device allows you to chop off an edge when you have finished chopping with the other side of the box cutter blades.

5. Snap-off Utility knives

Snap-off utility blades are popular among most people because they are very easy to open. These utility blades will have a blade that snaps right off the handle when you open it. Most Snap-off utility knives will feature a stainless steel spring or some other type of corrosion-resistant steel. They can come in various sizes and styles. The standard utility knives will also be found in snap-off utility blades.

6. Drywall Blades

Most people think that drywall blades are only for cutting through drywall, but they can actually be used for many different tasks. Most home improvement stores will carry drywall knives. If you are looking for more versatility in your blades you may want to consider purchasing one of the drywall knives that are fixed.

7. Dull Blades

Dull blades will reduce the cutting effectiveness and will even decrease the amount of energy that can be put into the cut. Dull blades will also cause you to lose more hair during the process. Dull blades can be avoided by purchasing a pair of blades that are not dull. Dull blades can be purchased at most home improvement stores as well as most hardware stores. Blade polishing can help keep your blades from becoming dull.

8. Cardboard Blades

Cardboard is a very strong and durable material to use as a blade. However, it is also easily cut and damaged. To avoid damage to your drywall try to purchase a blade with a solid wood handle. A rubber or plastic handle will also reduce the chance of damage. Also, if you do accidentally break your blade you can easily remove the broken piece while using a damp cloth to clean up the dirt and residue.

Utility knives can be used for many different projects. You may only need a few utility knives in order to complete a small project, or you may need several in order to complete many tasks. No matter what your needs are you will want to consider purchasing the best utility knives possible.

When shopping for these types of knives make sure that you find a brand and type of blade that best suits your needs.  Although you can purchase these blades anywhere, from your local home improvement store, or any number of stores, the best place to get a great deal on a quality blade is online. By shopping online you can save yourself time and money, not to mention the hassle of driving from store to store.