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The Best Draw Knives

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Buyer's Guide

It goes without saying that picking the best draw knife is a complex task. Most of the buyers get stressed when they have a wide range of products in front of them. But we have made it trouble-free for you.

Hopefully, our top picks have helped you a lot in knowing about the best products.

But now, in the buying guide section, we will let you know about the points you must keep in consideration when going to the market or when surfing various sites.

So let’s delve into the part discussed below.

Go with a Sharp Blade Edge

In most of the reviews, we have touched on the point of the blade edge. Now we will discuss why this point is essential.

If you have a sharp blade edge, your knife will cut all kinds of wood very efficiently. On the other hand, a blunt knife will make trouble in giving you fine finished wooden objects.

Always inspect the edge of the blade. You can check it based on the color difference between the edge and the rest of the blade.

Choose the Right Sized Blade

Here we won’t say that go for this or that sized knife. Here the choice is yours. And you have to pick the blade according to the task for which you need that particular knife blade.

If you are looking for a tool for smaller shavings, go for the small blades. In the same way, longer blades are suitable for bigger shavings.

If you go opposite and buy a large tool, thinking it will go for multiple tasks, you will find it useless except for the large shavings. So initially think about your required task, and then opt for the best-suited draw knife.

Ergonomic Handle- A Must Have

Thirdly, you have to pay special heed to the handles. Handles play a significant role in making the knife comfortable and easy to hold.

So before putting your hands on any product, always check that the handle is ergonomic and durable or not.

Let’s suppose you have a razor-sharp knife that works like a pro, but its handle is slippery and uncomfortable to hold.

Will this high-performing tool work for you? Surely not. So a comfortable, ergonomic, and durable hand is one of the critical points you must consider.

Both the wooden and rubberized plastic handles will work well.Would you like to find out how you could enhance your woodworking skills?

Stop considering it a knotty task anymore.

That’s so because this content is going to provide you a detailed note on our top recommendations. Plus, you will also get the points one must know before buying the best draw knives.

Before heading towards the main body of the content, you must know a bit about the drawing knives. You might think that it is a knife, so it can be used in your cooking area only.

No, all knives are not to perform in the kitchens, but some, like draw knives, are woodworkers' tools.

Draw knives are an unrivaled fit for carving large pieces of wood, trimming and shaping them. That’s why all the woodworkers consider it a must-have in their toolbox. You can have it with a curved blade or a straight-edge blade with wooden handles on both sides.

Let’s dig a little deeper and get all the necessary information about our best picks of these knives.

Our Top Picks For Best Draw Knives

Reviews Of The Best Draw Knives From Our Research

1. Timber Tuff TMB-08DS Straight Draw Shave Tool

Timber Tuff TMB-08DS Straight Draw Shave Tool, 8"
  • Sharp 8” straight blade, 5 mm thick with a 30° angle for fast and accurate work
  • Designed with a long-lasting and durable steel blade with a hardness of HRC 30 for a reliable product
  • Wood grip handles are comfortable and provide you with a secure hold; the included blade protector keeps the blade sharp...
  • Easily shaves wood from logs, wood, fence posts, and more

After reviewing more than forty products, the knife that we find at the top of the list is Timber Tuff TMB-08DS. It is from BAC Industries INC, made with top-quality wood and alloy steel.

This 8 inches straight draw shave blade falls in the category of the best overall drawing knife. You will find it unrivaled in its design and sharpness.

The blade is about 5mm thick with a 30 degrees angle to achieve desired and satisfactory results. When talking about the thickness, why not discuss the hardness of the blade?

Well, it’s with the hardness of HRC 30, which makes it more durable yet reliable to use. Moreover, this angle is perfect for giving you faster movements.

Not just based on blade, but we have made this product our top pick due to the handle's comfort. The wooden grip handles are perfect to go in all-sized hands. You can use this razor-sharp knife to shave the logs, sharpen the wood pieces and fence posts.

If you are a cabinetmaker or a carpenter, keep this product in your deep consideration. That’s so because you won’t find any knife better than Timber Tuff when building furniture.

Do you also want to know the sizing of this Timber Tuff TMB? This product is with dimensions of 17.25 x 5.25 x 2 inches and weighs about 1.8 pounds.


  • Comfy wooden handles
  • 8 inches blade length
  • Easy to use for shaving wood
  • Razor-sharp steel blade
  • It comes with a blade protector
  • Reasonable to buy


  • Less durable
  • Requires initial sharpening before use

2. Ox-Head OX3752500 Straight Drawknife

Ox-Head KR3752500 10" x 1-3/8" Straight Drawknife, Black/Silver
  • Package Dimensions: 41.91 H x 3.81 L x 10.16 W (centimetres)
  • STRAIGHT BLADE: the perfect blade for debarking logs and other specialized tasks that require the rapid removal of wood
  • Package Weight: 0.476 kilograms
  • Country of Origin : China

Before picking the knife, you must know that the better the drawing knife, the finer you will get your furniture product or the wooden gadget. This knife from Ox-Head comes with a straight blade of razor sharpness.

The dark grey colored wood handles and silver steel blade make an attractive combo to the eyes.

It is just 0.41 pounds in weight, so you can easily handle and carry it to create some masterpieces of wood structure. Just pay a little effort, and you will get efficient work on the wood pieces.

You won’t need to put this blade in the sharpener after using it several times. That’s so because the edge retains sharpness for quite a long time. The ergonomic handle is to give you a comfortable experience without making you feel tired.

The straight-style blade is perfect for debarking logs, shaving logs, and other such tasks. It’s not too broad or large as the dimensions are 17.8 x 3.3 x 1.1 inches.


  • Sharp edge straight blade
  • Ergonomic handle
  • High durability
  • Light in weight


  • Finishing is not fine
  • Soft blade

3. Lumberjack Tools 10-Inch Draw Knife

Lumberjack Tools 10" Draw Knife (DK1000)
  • Made with premium tool steel for superior, long-lasting sharpness
  • Ergonomically designed urethane handles
  • All-weather handles are impervious to oil, dirt, water and extreme temperatures
  • Proudly designed and made in USA

Our third recommendation is from Lumberjack Tools DK1000.

Due to its charming design and ergonomic body, Lumberjack Tools has presented a pre-eminent option in the knives market. It’s a complete non-woody knife made with high-end steel.

From handle to steel, the whole body is of premium tool steel. So this knife is going to serve you for a longer time. And you won’t need to change your tool after a short time.

Ergonomically designed urethane handles make it superior to other knife options. Plus, the whole body is impervious to water, dirt, and oil. This 10 inches knife will surely give you the best wood shaving experience.

Hand-powered 10 inches draw knife is about 2.05 pounds in weight.

Yes, it’s a bit heavier in weight than the previously reviewed knives. But there is not an incredible weight difference to drop this knife from the recommendations listing.

Obviously, when the weight increases, it is due to the large dimensions, and its dimensions are 18.8 x 4.4 x 4.3 inches.

Due to its leading features and durable design, it’s one of the most top-rated products.

So if you also want to have something versatile yet durable, go for the Lumberjack 10 inches small draw knife. Just stick to this knife and let it serve you in making striking wooden elements.


  • Ergonomic urethane handles
  • 10 inches blade length
  • Long-lasting sharpness


  • Slippery handles
  • Not suitable for professional work

4. Beaver Craft DK2s Draw Knife with Leather Sheath

BeaverCraft DK2s Draw Knife with Leather Sheath Woodworking Tool 4.3" Drawknife Wood Carving Tools...
  • Draw Knife Functions: the splitting knife is a wood carving tool that simplifies the drawing and shaping of wood by...
  • Wood Splitter Razor Sharp: the blade of the roughing knife is made of high-carbon steel and is hardened to proper...
  • Draw Knife Cutting Edge: very sharp, allows you to cut softwood & hardwood, durable enough to cut hard and soft woods....
  • Wood Splitter Ergonomic Handles: are made of hardwood oak and finished with natural linseed oil. Their ergonomic design...

Who isn’t aware of BeaverCraft when opting for the best drawing knives to sculpt flat surfaces? Carving the wood, removing the wood shavings, and reshaping the larger pieces of wood are no more tricky tasks.

With the high-carbon steel blade, this roughing knife is designed with excessive firmness.

In this way, you are provided with razor sharpness to shave and trim the wood logs.

Both softwood and hardwood are easy victims in front of this knife. But here, you must know that this shaving knife is suitable for the woods without knots and bark.

Besides having a sharp edge blade, this tool is designed with wood splitter ergonomic handles.

These handles are with hardwood oak and fine finishing of linseed oil to make it look more attractive. Furthermore, these handles won’t let your hands feel fatigued even after regular use.

No matter if you are using it for designing a spoon or any other such piece of craft, this straight-draw shave knife won’t disappoint you.

Apart from all this, there is a leather sheath with this 4.3 inches wood carving tool. This is what makes the knife worth buying at a reasonable rate.

In case you are not aware of its usage, no need to fret. With its purchase, you will also get free eBooks to guide you about its use properly.


  • Genuine leather sheath with the blade
  • Easy to grip handles
  • Durable steel blade
  • Affordable
  • Sharp edge
  • Best for drawing and shaping the wood pieces


  • The steel of the blade is brittle
  • Not suitable for bigger wood blocks

5. Felled 7702 Draw Shave Knife

Felled Draw Shave Knife – 13in Straight Draw Knife Straight Draw Shave Tool Woodworking Debarking...
  • WOOD WORKING TOOLS FOR BUILDING FURNITURE: Rapidly remove wood and bark from logs, fence posts, and firewood with the...
  • KEEN BEVELED BLADE: Constructed of hardened steel provides this straight edge tree bark scraper tool with durability and...
  • WOOD HANDLES FOR COMFORT AND CONTROL: This draw knife woodworking tool is built for strength, comfort, and longevity;...
  • EASY TO USE: Simply set your wood stock in a clamp to keep it from moving while you work; From the center of your...

For those looking for a large-sized blade draw knife, Felled 7702 is the best option. But you must know that every product has its benefits and drawbacks. The same is the case with this wood-shaving tool.

If we compare this knife with the Timber Tuff TMB 08DS, you will find Felled 7702 more expensive. But this doesn’t mean that it is not with inspiring features.

Our fifth recommendation is considered a pundit in removing bark from logs, firewood, and fence posts.

Moreover, it is regarded as the best debarking tool, and most of the woodturners and timber farmers consider it a first choice. So making pegs, bowls, spindles, and seats is no trickier task.

Due to the keen beveled blade of this straight draw shave tool, you can have high durability and longevity. Moreover, it is with super comfy wooden handles.

So you will undoubtedly have the strength and comfort holding this device for debarking the wood.

Here you will find the handles outwards to keep your handles out of the way while working on large wood logs.

There is a blade thickness of about 0.3 inches and a height of 1.9 inches. So these are unrivaled in removing barks, shaping flat surfaces and arches. I

f you are also looking for a draw shave tool for these purposes, put your hands on this knife.


  • Comfy handles
  • It comes with rubber edge protectors
  • 13 inches Long blade


  • The blunt edge of the blade
  • Don’t give a perfect finishing

6. The Flexcut 5-Inch Draw Knife

FLEXCUT 5 inch Draw Knife, High Carbon Steel Blade, Ergonomic Ash Handle, Leather Sheath Included...
  • 5 inches of workable edge
  • Flexible blade conforms to projects as needed
  • Two ergonomic ash hardwood handles provide solid grip
  • Comes with sturdy leather sheath

Our following review is of Flexcut- a 5 inches high carbon steel blade knife. The best thing about this curved draw knife is, it comes with a protective sheath to keep the edge safe. It’s with an Ox head approach and ergonomic hardwood handles to give you a solid grip.

This knife is among the top-rated ones because of the comparison of Two Cherries or Ox Head.

Once you use this product, we are sure you will stick to it for the rest of your life.

You are getting a super curve at such a reasonable rate. And this curve is so flexible to fit in a variety of shapes for the wood pieces.

Do you know why most people consider it the best draw knife? It’s due to the attractive yet comfy design, versatile flex, sturdy wooden handles. The blade provides you the feature of manipulating the edge in the shape you want to work


  • Ashwood handles
  • 5 inches excellent working blade
  • Leather sheath
  • A curved blade that can fit in any shape


  • A little challenging to use and control due to the flexible blade
  • Less sturdy handles

7. Stubai Drawknife

Stubai Drawknife, Made In Austria
  • Made in Austria, in the Stubai Valley, of the best Stubai Steel
  • Mid size drawknife for general woodworking use
  • Blade length 9 1/4". Overall length 17", hight quality steel holds a keen edge
  • Offset handles for comfortable use.

It's no secret that Stubai makes some of the best draw knives? Our last recommendation is from the same brand. Stubai Drawknife is made using high-quality German steel.

German steel is one of the superior materials used in making drawing knives. This 10 inches straight draw shave tool is made in Austria and claims to have premium quality steel in its manufacturing.

It is neither too large nor too small, but it is considered a mid-sized knife to fit in all-sized hands easily.

Offset handles add extra comfort to the whole structure and don’t make the user feel fatigued.

Undoubtedly, the Stubai drawknife is a perfect fit for fence posts, shaving the larger wood pieces, and other such uses. With an overall length of 17 inches, the blade occupies a length of about 9 ¼ inches.

Although it is a straight blade, you can also use it as a curved one. Yes, it is possible due to its versatility.

Lets; now guess about the weight of this product. Is it 13.6 ounces or 15.6 ounces?

You caught right; it is about 13.6 ounces in weight. And the dimensions are 17 x 4 x 1 inch. So isn’t it a perfectly normal-sized knife to give you your desired results?


  • Work as both straight and curved blade
  • Blade retains sharpness for a long time
  • Sturdy design
  • Solid grip of handles
  • The blade is of hardened steel


  • Handle quality is not up to the mark
  • The blade van get rust is not kept properly

Final Thoughts

You can never have some unique wood masterpieces unless you are equipped with the best suitable draw knives.

So we have provided this content covering the seven best draw knives and their features, pros, and cons. And after going through all of these, we are sure you have selected the right pick.

Apart from these options, we have also discussed the points that you must keep in consideration.

Follow all these factors and spend on the product that is worthy and satisfactory. Just bring your selected tool in use and let it amaze you with its awe-inspiring performance.