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The Best Dirk Knives

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Buyer's Guide

Dirk blades are typically booting knives except for full-sized swords with some having an indentation on the blade near the hilt. These blades are used by holding the hilt in the palm of your hand with the blade pointing away from your wrist and down towards your elbow.


The purpose of dirk knives was used as weapons for close combat at short distances by Scotsmen. Dirk blades are also used for slashing instead of stabbing. Dirk blades are usually used by gripping the handle and pulling it diagonally, with the sharp end coming up towards your enemy.


Dirk knives usually have a metal hilt attached to them at 90-degree angles which can be gripped using one or both hands depending on preference. The blades themselves are straight, double-edged daggers with a single-sided edge.

Often, these blades will have a metal ball at the end, which is used to balance out the weight distribution of the blade.

The Shape Of The Blade

The shape of the blade is long, with an edged straight line down one side of it before curving up again. Dirk knives are usually single-sided, meaning that they will have a single sharpened edge on one side while the other remains flat.

Dirk blades usually have a long and slender blade, with the tip of the knife running parallel to the handle for about two-thirds of its length.

The blade is double-edged and sharp, making it ideal for thrusting and stabbing even through thick layers of clothing or armor if need be. Dirk blades tend to be made out of metal or plastic, depending on the model.


Knives like these are usually inexpensive, ranging from $15 to $50 depending on the size of the blade and if the knife has any decoration to it. Dirk knives also come in a variety of styles and designs. Some will have blade guards attached to them, while others may be dulled to prevent injury.

Some dirk knives will be sharpened on both sides and may be quite expensive while others will only have a single sharpened edge and could be bought for as little as $15.


Dirk blades vary in weight depending on their size and material used. Dirk knives are usually found with handles made of metal or plastic. These handles are heavy enough that if you throw the knife they can easily damage without being too heavy.

Dirk blades commonly fall within the 4 to 6-ounce range. Dirk blades usually weigh anything from 10 ounces and upwards, with larger models weighing over 1 pound. Quality varies depending on how expensive or well-made the model is.Buying a good dirk knife is important because it is a great item for you in emergencies.

Dirk knives are typically small, with a blade under six inches in length. They’re often hidden inside a jacket pocket or clipped to the beltline - and they're legal virtually everywhere except New York City. A few states even allow them to be carried openly.

Dirk knives also make great EDC items that you can carry around with you all day long without drawing any attention from the general public (as opposed to carrying an entire sword on your back). So all in all, there's no reason not to buy one!

Here are some of the finest dirk knives on the market!

Our Top Picks For Best Dirk Knives

Reviews Of The Best Dirk Knives From Our Research

1. Master Cutlery Twisted Steel Scottish Dirk Knife

Master Cutlery Twisted Steel Scottish Dirk Knife
  • Scottish Dirk 9'' Overall Length
  • Blade: Double Edged looh but only sharp on one edge
  • Heavy Weight 440 Stainless Steel Blade
  • 3/16" thick

This Master Cutlery Twisted Steel Scottish Dirk Knife is an amazing knife to have in the collection, one which will suit any outdoorsman needing a blade to cut through branches. This knife is sleek and smooth for its beauty while being ultra-sharp for its utility.


  • Sleek and beautiful knife
  • An amazingly sharp blade
  • The blade itself is made from 440 stainless steel
  • The handle is black-coated aluminum
  • Lightweight enough to be carried in a backpack or even in your pocket


  • Lightweight enough to be carried in a backpack or even in your pocket
  • A sharp blade that can easily cut through wood
  • Gorgeous design for those who enjoy being outdoors while still being functional


  • Lack of flexibility due to its lightweight makes it more difficult to use compared with other knives that have more girth and weight
  • Not as sharp as other knives on the market

2. Medieval Bodice Scissor Dirk Dagger Knife

10 1/4" Renaissance, Medieval Bodice Scissor Dirk Dagger Knife. for Home Camping, Renaissance...
  • Renaissance, Medieval Bodice Scissor Dirk Dagger Knife
  • 10 14" Overall length
  • Metal handle with stainless steel scissor
  • Aluminium Sheath

The Medieval Bodice Scissor Dirk Dagger Knife is a gorgeous knife to use for its utility and aesthetic. It’s perfect for those who enjoy hunting or for those who desire the medieval feel of carrying around an exquisite blade.


  • A utility knife that comes with a leather sheath
  • Blade made from stainless steel
  • Silver-plated handle made from zinc alloy with beautiful engravings of snakes across it.


  • Gorgeous blade perfect for hunting or those who enjoy carrying around medieval-style blades
  • A leather sheath is included for added protection and storage when it’s not in use.
  • The stainless steel blade is perfect for multiple uses, such as cutting branches or hunting small game.
  • Lightweight but durable with its zinc alloy handle


  • The engravings on the handle make it less slippery to hold onto
  • This could be dangerous for those who are not very strong.

3. Damascus Steel Scottish Style Dirk Knife

The Damascus Steel Scottish Style Dirk Knife is a gorgeous knife to have in your collection, especially for those who love using knives with a unique design. The Damascus steel used makes this knife perfect for survival situations and for hunters looking for a sharp blade with which to cut through branches and other materials.


  • Gorgeous blade
  • Leather sheath included
  • Damascus steel is perfect for survival situations
  • Plastic covered handle


  • Sharp blade, great for self-defense and to use as a utility knife
  • Real Damascus steel, rust-resistant
  • The handle is plastic covered with imitation bone material which is not very durable.


  • The handle feels a little too thick and bulky in hand, difficult to hold for some users.

4. Ace Martial Arts Wicca Dirk Dagger Knife

Ace Martial Arts Supply New Scottish Celtic Gaelic Twist Knot Blue Ruby Gemstone Wicca Dirk Dagger...
  • Scottish Dirk 9'' Overall Length, 3/16" thick
  • Blade: Double Edged loop but only sharp on one edge
  • Blood Grooves on one side
  • Heavy Weight 440 Stainless Steel Blade with Scabbard

Ace Martial Arts Wicca Dirk Dagger Knife is an inexpensive, sharp knife that looks like a traditional Scottish dirk. It's made with real steel and is rust-resistant to be used for camping, hunting game, or self-defense.

The handle is covered with imitation bone material that isn't very durable. In addition, the lack of weight makes it difficult to achieve optimal damage when stabbing or chopping with a knife.


  • Sharp blade
  • Real Damascus steel, rust-resistant blade
  • The handle is covered with imitation bone material
  • Lack of weight


  • Great for hunting, fishing, and self-defense
  • Very versatile
  • Doesn't conduct electricity, so it's safe to use near or around wiring or power sources that could pose a hazard if touched by other knives
  • It comes with its own sharpener, so it's not even necessary to buy one.


  • The plastic handle has a bit of a cheap feel and grip
  • The knife is heavy, making it difficult for some people to use.

5. Damascus Steel Sgian Dubh Scottish Dirk Knife

SZCO Supplies 12.5" Damascus Steel Sgian Dubh Scottish Dirk Knife, One Size, Brown (DM-1076)
  • 12.5 Inch in length
  • Rosewood handle
  • Damascus steel blade
  • Damascus pommel and guard

The Damascus Steel Sgian Dubh Scottish Dirk Knife is a traditional and exquisite piece of craftsmanship. It features painstakingly detailed designs and workmanship, as seen in the hand-carved handle and the stainless steel blade.

This knife comes with a leather sheath for safety and convenience, as it keeps the blade out of sight. The sheath has belt loops for easy access and carries and snap closure to ensure the safety of this knife. Since it's hand-forged, each blade is unique and different from others.


  • High-quality craftsmanship
  • Stainless steel blade
  • Genuine leather carry sheath with belt loops
  • Hand-forged
  • The blade doesn't have serrations


  • comfortable to use and very sharp.
  • You can use it for decades without risking rust.
  • The Damascus steel construction can make this sgian dubh last a long time.
  • It holds an edge very well and takes a very sharp edge when sharpening.


  • It is a pretty heavy knife and feels very sturdy in your hand. However, its weight doesn't affect the performance of the blade.
  • It is not the best knife for self-defense.
  • It has a short blade and there is no handguard to protect your hand from an assailant.
  • You cannot hold it with one hand.

Final Thoughts

The unique design of the Dirk allowed it to be worn comfortably, even while sitting. Dirk was not used to fighting duels like the rapier or small sword - Scottish Highlanders mainly used it for protection during dangerous times. It is typically carried in a sheath that attaches to the leg of the wearer. Finally, the Sgian Dubh has no guard on it like some knives.

Looking to purchase a dirk knife then, you can pick any of the knives we have recommended.