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Cyclone Knives - History and Evolution

Cyclone Knives makes some of the finest antique firearms in the world. The company was started in 18 43 and they pride themselves on being "the Original Outfitter for Knives". The company produces both folding and fixed blade antique firearms. They are very proud of their historical heritage and have continued to grow into one of the best antique firearms makers in the world. The company is run by two extremely hard working men, Dean R. Rice and Raymond C. Burbank. They are the husband and wife team.

The history of the company began with a gentleman by the name of R.H. Burbank who believed that by creating a better gun, he could also improve on theemen of his time and create better weapons for hunting. By doing this he created the first of what would become Cyclone Knives. Soon after they were creating weapons to be used during the Civil War, the name was changed to cyclone knives. This was because of the need for a larger scale type of weapon.

The name stuck and they produced even more innovative weapons during the following decades. They were also behind the first self defense measure ever to be patented, which was a safety lock. Safety locks were designed to prevent unwanted use of a persons knife when it was unattended. It was designed so that when the knife was taken out of its sheath it would automatically lock until the owner took it out. It was a great idea and is still being used today.

The company also designed and produced other types of knives including ones for concealment. These included items for use in the home, office, and for use while traveling. This allowed the user to keep their knives safe and ready at all times. All of this contributed to the company being one of the first companies to be involved in the manufacture and distribution of concealed carry firearms.

One of the earliest designs of a Cyclone knife was the flip knife. This was a single knife, with a long handle that retracted into the sheath. It was designed for use in close quarters, such as on a belt. The flip knife was an excellent choice for an individual who was required to fight in close quarters due to their martial arts training. It could be easily flipped open to the fully open position to the knife's blade.

A couple of years later, the company started to distribute what would later be known as the zombie knives. This design was much like the flip knife, except this time there was a hinge located on the handle to close the blade. This gave the weapon an extremely compact and realistic look and feel.

Another design which was produced by the Cyclone company was known as the death star. This is a unique design in that there is a raised yellow blade, which has a yellow spike protruding from the center of the blade. This style was used by the Chinese military as a concealed weapon to be used in close quarter battle or surprise attacks. Because of its intended use, the death star can be difficult to hold, making it a weapon which needs to be handled with great care.

In modern times, the company manufactures knives which incorporate both folding and fixed blades into one. These types of knives are designed for use in many different applications, including self-defence and for law enforcement and personal protection. Its appearance may resemble that of an automatic or spring airsoft pistol, but its primary function is still to wound the enemy. In fact, the most recent designs feature an ergonomic design, so that they are comfortable to hold. As far as personal protection goes, these types of weapons are great for blocking kicks, punches, and strikes, and for taking out an assailant's legs, which will render them unable to fight back.