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CTS Bd1N - The Versatile Folding Knife

The CTS Bd1N knife is the most advanced pocket survival knife that is available on the market today. It is an assisted open, clip closed design that makes opening a survival knife fast and easy. This knife was designed by a professional mountain climbing enthusiast, after studying how mountain climbers carried their knives and using them to make their own independent safety equipment. After designing the CTS Bd1N, he used it to create his own company and sell his new design to the world.

This is a small, lightweight knife that packs a powerful punch. The blade contains the liner material and the thumb studs are used to lock the blade into place. This knife has a unique locking mechanism that provides a firm secure hold onto the blade. The patented Marbles lift-off action allows this knife to be opened easily with one hand, which eliminates much of the strain that is placed on the knifes hands. One of the main reasons this product is used by mountain climbers and other outdoorsmen is due to the ease of opening the knife without the use of either a key or a lanyard.

The CTS Bd1N comes in a variety of colors including, black, blue, and gray. It also has an enlarged clip point for added balance and features an olive green handle. Some knives come with an accessory called the C-rations, which are designed to hold harder objects like rocks. The C-rations help to protect the larger tips of the blades against possible scratches.

Many different companies have made a CTS Bd1N knife their own. The most popular being Black Wolf, Gerber, and Kershaw. The knives are made in Taiwan, Italy, Germany, and the United States. They are popular for all kinds of hunting as well as self defense applications.

The CTS Bd1N is a smaller version of the M2 folder. It is a small, light weight, general purpose knife. The knife has a standard carry clip and a drop-proof stainless steel backing. The overall length is 9.5 inches long. The blade is also a little smaller than most M2 folders.

The CTS Bd1N is one of the most popular knives in the industry. This is largely due to its sturdiness and versatility. The knife can be used for cutting, slicing, and also for prying. It is ideal for those who are looking for a reliable knife that does not require a lot of expertise to use. Because of the CTS Bd1N's ergonomic design, even the most inexperienced user will still manage to get a good cut with it.

The CTS Bd1N is one of the few traditional pocket knives that have survived into the 21st century. This is mostly because it does not contain any laser technology. This feature allows it to be used more like a staple gun than a kitchen knife. The knife can be carried in your pocket or slipped into a belt pouch. The blade is also easily hidden in a pocket or in a belt.

The CTS Bd1N is more than just a durable knife though. It is also made with high quality materials. This means that the knife will be able to withstand many uses. Even if you accidentally chop through something, the blade will be very tough and able to handle the impact without breaking down. This makes the CTS Bd1N a very useful tool that is very useful for all types of situations.

The CTS Bd1N has a number of different options when it comes to blades. It has six distinct blades that can be used depending on what you are going to be doing. These blades can come in either an "S" shape or a "T" shape. Both of these shapes are designed to make a particular type of cut. There are some blades that are specifically used for slicing while others can be used for fillet mignon.

In general, the CTS Bd1N is made using two-tone Japanese Yake (ori) steel. This process gives the knife a pinkish color when it is finished. The other metal that is used for the folding knife is what causes the knife to be called a "Bianchi". This is a form of metal that is usually made from copper. Some models of this knife will also have a matching scabbard that is made of leather.

The CTS Bd1N knife is one of the most popular folding knives in the world. It has a number of different accessories including a steak knife holder and even a paperclip. These accessories make it easy for anyone to carry around their CTS Bd1N regardless of where they are going. They are a great tool for any occasion and will quickly become a staple in your kitchen.