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CS Knives - How to Decide Between Different Models

Cs Knives is a well-known and reliable brand based in Vermont. It prides itself on its commitment to producing high quality, precision handmade knives while keeping a competitive price tag. The knives they make are inspired by a love of tradition and a desire to do right by the environment. Each knife is created using only renewable resources. They also take pride in following government safety standards.

The Cs Knives logo is a symbol of the brand's dedication to excellence. The heart symbolizes dedication and the round top adds character. The company's name is derived from the French word that means hand. The company logo also comes from the same French word and is represented by a rose.

When it comes to the Cs Knives knife set, there are several notable models. The Paraise is a one-handed pocket knife with a six-position blade guard and a stainless steel back handle. The Cruciflex is a traditional fixed blade knife with a traditional pocket clip and a gold-tone handles. The Cipollino is a three-bladed knife that has a wood handle and is a favorite among collectors. It comes with a leather sheath.

Cs Knives offers a selection of popular knife designs. The Coronet is a butterfly style knife that comes in a black handle. The Cruciflex is a folding knife that comes with an aluminum or stainless steel blade and can be fixed, compact, or hanging. The Folding Montage is a utility knife that can be used for everything from opening cans to slicing open packages. The GEM has a traditional curved blade and is made of high-carbon stainless steel. It's a good starter fixed blade for anyone who is just beginning.

For more permanent results, you might consider the Santiware Chive. It is a two-bladed knife that has an open top handle and a drop point blade. The Santiware Everette is another model that offers a straight-edge blade and a curved blade. Both designs are made from Santiware's latest multi-material composition, which makes for a tough knife that can take regular abuse. These models also come in different colors.

Some Santiware knives are made with a liner lock and have a unique design. They also feature an ergonomic handle and are sold as a single knife. They don't come with a traditional knife blade but have a clip for carrying other types of knives like machetes or other tools. Some people prefer the open top handle because it allows them to get at the knife's core, which allows them to feel the blade more closely. In addition, the way the blade opens is unique and not found on many Santiware models.

For those who are looking for a multi-functional tool, there is the Santiware Tracer. This model has a clip for attaching a compact carrying case or other small items. The knife itself opens easily with a pull cord, but a safety lock prevents the knife from opening while it's in your hand. This model also has a fixed blade and a thumb extension.

Most Santiware models offer a variety of options. These include different blades for different tasks and different handles. Whether you're looking for a small chef knife or a larger general-purpose utility knife, you will find a model to suit your needs. The biggest weakness of these knives is their lack of versatility. With fixed blades, they make up for it by being extremely durable and performing well during many tasks.

One important feature you must check on before purchasing any knife is whether or not it offers an alternate blade. With most traditional knives, this is not a feasible option. The best thing to do in this situation is to purchase a drop-back knife that has a back-up blade. Some brands that make this include W.R. Case, Schrade, and Kershaw. While this may seem like an unnecessary expense, having a back-up blade will come in handy when you need to cut through tough materials.

Another feature to look for is how the blade locks into place. Most Santiware knives have a clip that can lock the blade in place with a push of a button. You should be able to loosen the clip with a screwdriver if it doesn't lock, or if you plan to carry it in your pocket. Models made by W.R. Case are the only ones that have this feature, but it can be found in some other models.

These two features are the best ways to differentiate between different Santi knives models. Take your time to review the various models available so that you can choose the right one for your needs. You can also read the fine print on the packaging so that you know exactly what you are buying. If you take the time to learn about your new kitchen tool, you will be delighted with your purchase.