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Review of the CRK Squid Knife

CRKT, LLC, is a New Jersey knife maker. If you're looking for a high-quality multi-purpose cutting machine, with outstanding performance, at an affordable price, look to CRKT. They are the official manufacturer of the Scissor open ended folding knife and the Scissor Pro knife. They are also the manufacturer of the Remington Rangemasters, Wakatu and GEC (Great Eastern Cutlery) line.

"CRKT: The Original Stainless Steel Knife" is their newest release, offering many options for customization and utility. CRKT, LLC, was born from a need to design, test and manufacture high quality knives in the face of an ever-expanding global marketplace. From day one, they decided to put quality and innovation first. Then they made a commitment to constantly build tools and knives that would outlast and inspire their customers.

The company's latest creation, the Scissor Squid, offers a pocket-sized folding knife, a full-length folding knife and a compact pistol. All three have the traditional tanto blade and an extremely strong tip strength level. The tanto blade is made by Far East Manufacturing, a renowned knife maker in Japan. The tip strength on this knife is over four hundred pounds, making it the strongest pocket-size folding knife ever created.

The traditional length of the knife is seven and a half inches long. The new model offers an eight inch blade length which allows the user to carry it comfortably in just about any situation. The eight inch frame lock makes it difficult to extend the blade when necessary. You can comfortably leave the knife in the sheath even if you need to work on something larger and more complicated. You simply push the flipper down and it opens for use. This is how the designers intended the compact pistol to be used.

The handle is constructed from strong high carbon stainless steel. It has a single thirteen inch handle and a full grip. The liner lock feature makes opening the handle much easier than with a traditional pocket knife. The handle also locks the blade securely in place, ensuring that it will not slip.

The front part of the knife has a traditional thumb stud which is designed to assist opening a heavy bag. There is an internal frame lock that prevents the blade from opening while the hand guard is installed. This is important to keep the user safe as well as comfortable.

Both the compact and the full version of the knife are made with a durable high carbon stainless steel. The patented Tanto blade and the internal frame lock make it one tough little knife. The pocket clip allow the user to carry the knife easily in the pocket. There is a leather or metal butt cap attached to the knives.

A popular item among collectors and other people is the detailed action of the Tanto blade. The back edge of the blade has a black oxide finish to reduce friction. To further insure the durability of the stainless steel knife, there is a thumb stud attached to the back of the blade. An eight inch serrated knife allows the users to cut thicker items like rope and twine. The eight inch serrated blade is much better for chopping and compared to other pocket knives is much better for slicing. Some people may prefer the fourteen inch version of the Crkt Squid because it is easier to use and holds a good edge for longer periods of time.

The handle of the Squid is ergonomically designed to fit the hand much better. In fact the whole design of the Crkt Squid consists of ergonomic design to make it a much better choice over other everyday carry knives. It offers a firm grip which makes it comfortable to hold and use. The stainless steel back up is a solid and reliable place to hang onto during a scrape. The three-pronged clip allow the user to attach a variety of different accessories to the handle including; lanyards, pouches and a drop-point blade.

The most innovative feature on the Squid is the patented clip point blade. This sharpens automatically and when you need to cut the edge it automatically sharpens itself. You no longer have to bring your knife to an art degree to get a nice smooth edge on your food.

These compact and efficient little knives are made for the every day use by cooks and most home cooks. The unique ergonomic design of the crkt knife make it great for every day use. Some people might not like the way it looks but it is extremely practical for everyday use. These pocket knives are also very affordable and easy to sharpen. The good thing about these knives is that they have been on the market for 10 years and have helped thousands of people around the world prepare their meals with ease.