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The Best Crkt Clever Girl

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The Versatile Crkt Clever Girl Fixed Blade Knife

The CRKT Clever Girl Knife is not the first knife of this type to be produced. However, its unique design, and the fact that it is ergonomically designed, make it one of the best knives available. The CRKT Clever Girl features an upswept, stainless steel knife blade with an inboard locking block. It also s a wicked, textured black G-ten blade. It also has a tough textured black G-ten handle.

The knife's ergonomic design is one of the reasons it is such an excellent choice for self-defense purposes. The blade is easily accessible for both cut and thrust actions making this knife an all around powerhouse. It is also ergonomically designed making it an easy knife to use even for the novice. A MOLLE compatible nylon sheath is also included with the knife for multiple carry choices.

The CRKT Clever Girl features a traditional two-piece style where the blade opens to a right-handed knife sheath with a closed guard. The right-handed blade extends out to the left with a traditional tip. The open and closed guard allows for a fluid action opening and closing. The traditional lockback system on most knives is replaced with a ball-bearing lock with a button for an easy opening. This lockback is designed to work with any pocket size carrying cases or pouches.

The MOLLE design of the Crkt Clever Girl fixed blade knife is designed to work with the military MOLLE garments that are often worn by soldiers in desert conditions. These garments are made of heavy-duty, water resistant materials. The tactical gear that these soldiers and sailors use is not made to withstand constant exposure to moisture and corrosive agents. This combination of heavy duty, water resistant material and harsh chemicals makes it impractical for many types of everyday clothing. However, the military MOLLE system provides a solution for their needs. The same gunmetal grey nylon outer layer and the comfortable, flexible nylon lining provide the perfect balance between durability and wear-ability.

The hand forged, one-piece MOLLE-style flapback knife is designed for durability in rugged use. Its stainless steel blade offers a reliable cutting edge for quick and clean action in any situation. A comfortable leather sheath completes the overall design. The patented Quick Clip feature allows the user to easily replace the blade from the handle. The patented Quick Clip ensures that the knife is ready to use right when you need it. The Crkt Sheath is available in two separate sheaths: small and large.

Both men and women can benefit from the strength, durability, and tactical utility of the Crkt Clever Girl Knife. The one piece design is designed for ease of use with its patented tension control locks. This knife is one of the most popular MOLLE pouches found on the market. Made from high quality nylon, a patented cross-directional pocket clip is available. Attaching accessories to the MOLLE frame such as pouches, lanyards, or a hook and loop strip allows for a multitude of attachment options for a uniform look and feel. The large, double Crossbar reinforced nylon backing will keep the knife stable even during extended hours of use.

For ease of operation, the crkt girl knife includes a leather belt clip. The ergonomic nylon belt clips easily onto the belt and is compatible with most vehicle belt designs. For an added measure of convenience, the ergonomic silicone attachment makes it easy to carry the knife in a sling form, much like a pager. Most models have a nylon sheath attached to the handle for protection and safety, as well as a D-clip for stowing on a belt.

The D-clip provides a means for securing the sheath to the frame, much like a pocket-carrying knife that doubles as a blade holder. The blade is comfortably placed inside the sheath through the D-clip. For ease in opening the knife, the sheath utilizes an easily managed thumb feature which rotates the blade forward and back in order to easily flip the blade open. A nylon swivel cord is included with the blade for attaching to a backpack or belt. The crkt clever girl fixed blade knife is available in a number of configurations including a large knife, a compact utility knife, a pen, an pencil, a screwdriver, and a key chain.