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Cold Steel Tuff Lite Folding Knife - Is It Tough Enough To Handle Anything?

The Cold Steel Tuff Lite Knife from Cold Steel is an all-purpose lightweight knife that's perfect for anyone who wants an everyday carry knife that functions like a butter knife. It's made with a high grade of stainless steel that's been designed specifically for use in the outdoors. While the knives might not be as easy to hide as some, this model is ideal for quick jobs in the field. Here are a few more features about the Tuff Lite knife that you may find interesting.

One of the reasons why people choose these types of knives is because of its unique construction. Unlike many other types of knives, the Cold Steel Tuff Lite features a tuff material that's located inside its handle. This material gives the blade extra strength as it is difficult to damage without using excessive force or heat. The stainless steel is also extremely tough, making it ideal for tough outdoor applications where sturdiness is critical.

Some of the best features of the Cold Steel Tuff Lite include the lockback blade system. This design provides a second layer of defense for the blade so that it cannot be quickly removed by your opponents. With a lockback, the knife cannot be opened while the blade is locked. However, if it is opened by accident or if the user is strong enough, it will open back normally. This is one of the best features of this knife that ensures that the blade is safe even when it's not in use.

Another great thing about this pocket knife is that it comes in both a traditional round tip as well as a mini tuff-lite style. These styles differ slightly when it comes to the size of the blade as well as the overall weight of the knife. A traditional round tip has the same overall length and will work well for people who are looking for a lightweight option. Mini tuff-lite knives, on the other hand, have a shorter overall length and a lighter weight. If you're looking for a little more toughness than a traditional knife, this may be the right choice.

Because this is a Cold Steel Tuff Lite knife, many consumers are concerned that it might not be sturdy enough to handle what they will be doing. To ensure that every consumer is happy with the knife, the company offers a lifetime warranty on all of their products. This includes the tuff-lite folding blade. The lifetime guarantee ensures that the product is perfect and sturdy enough to handle what it will be used for.

The Cold Steel tuff-lite folder includes a traditional type of full-toothed blade that is made out of carbon. Carbon is a very tough material that is also ideal because it is lightweight. This makes it easier to control the sharpening process without having to worry about sharpening the blade at an uneven rate. Because of the carbon material, there is also less worry about rusting or other damage from exposure to the elements. It is important to note that the overall length of the knife is longer than that of a traditional pocket knife because of the Serrated edge that is present on the blade. The overall length can be longer than other pocket knives because of the Serrated edge.

A lot of people appreciate the fact that Cold Steel Tuff Lite folding knife can be used for just about anything. It is lightweight enough to use in any circumstance. In fact, some people prefer to use it outdoors for their various cutlery tasks. When it comes to being tough enough to take on whatever cutlery or tools you need, the cold steel tuff lite folding knife can handle anything you throw at it. Many consumers also appreciate the fact that the blade is very lightweight. Because it is made out of carbon, it is a very thin blade which makes it perfect to be used with thinner blades such as parrots' wings.

There are plenty more benefits to owning a Cold Steel Tuff Lite knife. You do not have to worry about whether you will like the knife or not because it was designed to make all consumers happy. However, consumers have to ask themselves if they want to be happy enough. The answer should be provided by the characteristics and features of the cold steel tuff lite folding knife.