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The History of the Cold Steel Fixed Blades and Drop Point Knives

The Cold Steel Spartan is a professional, stainless steel utility knife that is perfect for men and women in every walk of life. With an 8.5 inch blade and a full butterer, this knife can be carried around anywhere. With its flat-edged VG-1 steel blade made with premium grade San Mai III hard-steel, the Cold Steel Master Hunter Plus provides the perfect blade cross-section and brilliant edge geometry to make the blade easy to slip and perform with effortless ease. For ease of use, the sheath is made from quilted nylon and a high impact resistant O-ring handle. The fixed blade allows the user to effortlessly flip the knife over and has a tip-up front tip for comfortable grip and effortless use.

The company has developed close relationship with some of the worlds best knife makers, including Gemini, J.A. Smith and Schrade. This close affiliation has helped the company to develop cutting edge technology to meet the needs of consumers everywhere. The products are designed for use by anyone at any time. Some of the innovative features included in these professional pocket knives include, the thumb studs which allow the knife to be held much tighter to the handle while in use, an ergonomic handle which includes strong index finger grooves to minimize fatigue and ergonomic finger spacers to optimize the comfort of the user. The included accessory - the D-Lux pocket clip - enables users to store their extra blades in a compact manner when not in use.

The Cold Steel Spartan also features the patented Master Stick, which is a two-way stick turn blade holder for right-handed users. The double-sided stick feature enables the knife handle to rotate in either direction, clockwise or counterclockwise. This rotation process is facilitated by the patented thumb plate, which provides users with an extended grip on the handle. Additionally, the Master Stick makes it much easier to operate the knife by rotating the handle in either direction.

The second innovation made by Cold Steel is the patented drop-in clip, which attaches to the butt cap of the knife with tenacious stitching. The clip extends all the way to the handle, which further protects the knife from accidental bumps and scratches. The clip is easily removed, but the stitching is permanent. The drop-in clip, together with the patented thumb plate, make it very difficult for someone to remove the knife without first damaging the unit.

Another innovation that features in the Cold Steel Spartan line is the patented indexed thumb plate. Unlike traditional drop-in knife sets, the Spartan's index finger is located within the blade. This location, combined with the large and thin blade, results in a quick opening time. Because of this feature, the Cold Steel Spartan is great for slicing tasks and small chopping knives. In addition, because the blade is so thin, even a small misstep off the edge may not be enough to cause any damage to the blade or handle.

One additional accessory that is sold with each Cold Steel knife is a quality knife box. Made of leather, the box is a convenient place to store the compactable blade while also securing the blade and thumb plate. Unlike many other models, the Cold Steel Spartan has a standard handle design, including a long, two-finger grip. While this model is popular among professional chefs, it is also a good fit for most individuals who prefer a traditional style knife handle. The handle is constructed from injection molded plastic, providing excellent strength. In addition, the handle is designed to be comfortable, as well as having an ergonomic fit.

The Cold Steel Spartan lineup also includes several specialized knives, including a Santoprene folder and a Santoprene paring knife. Both styles are made with an original bladed steel core and a Santoprene handle that offers a light, comfortable feel. These two knives are designed to work well in a variety of applications, including the home, the sports market, and the commercial kitchen. Each Santoprene knife blade is made with Cold Steel's Light Copper High Polished Stainless Steel, which is one of the best steels on the market. The blades are also made using carbon stain resistant materials that offer a durable cutting surface.

The Cold Steel Spartan's fixed blade and drop point designs are both outstanding. In addition, both of these styles come with a full tang, making them even more comfortable to hold and use. The Santoprene folder is made with a Santoprene handle that offers a lockback to protect the blade and keep it locked up while it is in use. The knife has a traditional style, featuring a textured black handle and a butterfly clip for carrying or storage.