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What is CJRB Tigris tactical knife?

The CJRB Tigris tactical knife is a modern version of the traditional Bowie knife, which has been used by special forces since World War II. It is typically equipped with an easy-to-use belt clip and a nylon sheath, which allows it to be carried comfortably in any location or circumstance. Not only are CJRB Tigris tactical knives a useful tool, but they are also a beautiful piece of decor to have in your collection.

What are the special features of CJRB Tigris tactical knife?

The CJRB Tigris tactical knife is distinguished by a few characteristics that distinguish it from other knives in its class. It is constructed from high-carbon stainless steel, which provides the blade with exceptional durability and edge retention, as well as corrosion resistance, making maintenance a breeze. G-Elastomer is the handle material used in this knife, which makes it both impact resistant and comfortable to hold for long periods of time without fatigue. As a result of the blade's serrations and partial sharpening along its back, it has the cutting power of a small saw and makes it easier to cut through thicker materials than a straight blade. The handle is designed with precisely spaced finger grooves that provide a secure grip even in slippery conditions and prevent your hand from accidentally slipping onto the blade while performing tasks.

What is the material used in CJRB Tigris tactical knives?

The blade of this tactical knife is constructed of high carbon stainless steel, which makes it ideal for heavy-duty tasks that necessitate strong and sharp blades that are not susceptible to corrosion or rusting, even when the task involves exposure to water or moisture at certain points in its execution. In the handle, G-Elastomer has been used, which is an impact-resistant material that has been designed to provide users with a comfortable grip even when the knife is used at an obtuse angle.

Who uses CJRB Tigris tactical knives?

CJRB Tigris tactical knives can be used for a variety of general purposes, such as camping, hiking, hunting, and cooking. They are suitable for both beginners and professionals. This type of knife is also popular among collectors because of its uniqueness and design inspiration from traditional designs.

Where to buy CJRB Tigris tactical knife?

If you want to purchase one of these tactical knives, you can do so from any authorized dealer by using the product code provided on this page. New users should carefully read the user manual before beginning to use it in order to avoid any accidents.

What are the benefits of CJRB Tigris tactical knives?

The blades of the CJRB Tigris tactical knives are made of high-carbon stainless steel, which provides superior performance without deteriorating in sharpness or strength over time or with use and wear and tear. Handle construction is made of impact-resistant G-Elastomer, which allows for a comfortable grip even when performing tasks at varying angles.

How to use CJRB Tigris tactical knives?

CJRB Tigris tactical knives should be handled with care and in accordance with the instructions in the user manual available on this page. Keep your fingers away from the blade while performing tasks, as these are sharp enough to cause injuries even when handled with two hands or with one hand gripping the sheath carefully.

Additional Information

CJrb Tigris - A Brief Overview

The CJ RB Tigris is the newest model in the CJ RB line. It is an evolved version of the old standby that the company introduced with the older Tigris. The new model features a full-face lifter blade for cutting and flipping flops. The new Tigris is lighter than its predecessors and sports a new, more ergonomic design and comfortable fit.

The CJ RB Tigris Linerlock Black and White offers a lightweight tigris knife with a stonewashed finish and a three-pronged blade. It has a stainless steel blade with a storied finish. It has an aggressive stonewash look and it includes a compact clip and tip up right carry handle. This folding knife has black and white G10 handles complete with tip up sleeve and a lanyard hole. The blade is textured so the contours are smooth and there are no ridges.

The blade is made from anodized aluminum with a full tang and a ten-grain suede blade. The handle is anodized and is textured for grip and provides good control. The CJ RB Tigris is an affordable folding knife that is ideal for everyday use. It is lightweight, durable, and features an ergonomic design and an eight-point blade that is easily sharpened.

The CJEB Tigris is a lightweight, fully-automated all-steel folding knife with an ionic safety lock. The blade is a traditional two-bladed affair and is held open with the patented clip. A patented spring assisted lock can be locked or unlocked using a magnetic lock. There is an eight-point blade in the rear of the knife and it includes a full-length fingerguard for comfort and is precision-tuned. The CJEB Tigris is a compact and powerful multi-functional tool for the safe and reliable performance of cutting, assembling and cutting on-the-fly.

The CJRB Tigris is a compact utility knife with a multi-functional tool that can be used as a carving knife, file and can even be used as a pencil. It is powered by a rechargeable lithium polymer (crack-back) battery. This knife has a unique tip for safety, and it comes with an eight-point blade that is easily sharpen using a special black G10 pocket clip. The blade locks open with a patented, thumb-wrapped safety latch. This pocket clip holds one or two blades and is easily removed by loosening the wrap around it.

Like most pocket knives the Tigris has a tapered, curved blade that offers a secure hold to furniture. It is held open by a clip which is inserted into a hole in the handle of the knife, though like so many other multi-function knives the clip may not be practical for pens. If the clip were to be used with a pen it would be difficult to write with the knife without touching the pointed end of the blade. In order to use the clip in the right way it is best to place the blade in a separate folder or purse to protect it while still attached to the handle.

The blade sits at the center of the handle of the CJ RB Tigris and opens with the thumb and index fingers, similar to many pocket knives. While it does sit close to the edge of the handle it is not deep enough to dig into your skin if you are trying to peel a onion. The blade sits in an open slot at the bottom of the handle, and is held open by two clips that are inserted into the handle. Because of how the blade fits into the handle it can sometimes be difficult to open the knife with your fingertips, even with the aid of strong gripping muscles. To ease grip it is recommended that you use one or more fingers to help make it easier to open the blade.

The CJrb Tigris is available in a variety of colors. Black, blue and cream are the most common finishes. Many models have a red accents to add a little bit more character to them. This multi-function tool is ideal for anyone who needs an everyday general pocket knife but doesn't want to sacrifice appearance. The blade and clip are durable and should last many years if cared for properly.