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The Best Chinese War Sword

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Bestseller No. 1
Honshu War Sword and Sheath - High Carbon Steel Blade, TPR Handle, Stainless Steel Guard - Length...
  • Honshu continues to expand its exceptional sword line and this satiny sleek war sword is a must-have for your collection
  • The sword has a 21 1/4" 1065 high carbon steel blade and a stainless steel hand guard, each with a sleek, satin finish
  • The ergonomic TPR injection handle affords you a comfortable and secure grip when you wield the awesome sword
  • The war sword has an overall length of 30†and a heavy-duty sheath is included to protect and carry the sword
Bestseller No. 2
United Cutlery Honshu War Sword
  • Crafted from the highest quality materials
  • Built for performance and durability
  • Made in China
Bestseller No. 3
Jiang Tong 1095 Carbon Steel Blue Purple Black Wood Chinese Sword Full Tang Blade Battle Ready
  • 1.1095 carbon steel red sharp functional blade sword 2. Fully handmade,full tang sharp edge blade sword 3. Professional...
Bestseller No. 5
Loong sword,Kangxi BaoDao,Battle Ready(High Carbon Steel Etch Blade,Black Wood Scabbard) Handmade...
  • Blade Material:High carbon steel,Surface etched pattern; Sword Type:Hand Made Sword,Hand Forged,Heat Tempered;Forging...
  • Approximately:Package weight:2KG; Overall Length:39"; Blade Length:19"
  • Scabbard and Handle:Black wood; Knife fitted:Zinc alloy
  • Accessories:Cotton sword bag.No wood stand
Bestseller No. 6
Supreme Sword,Handmade(High Carbon Steel Blue Blade,Black Wood Scabbard) Chinese sword
  • Blade Material:High manganese steel,Surface relief pattern,blue treatment;Sword Type:Hand Made Sword,Heat...
  • Approximately:Package Weight (with Scabbard):6.6lbs; Overall Length:43";Blade Length:29"
  • Scabbard:Black wood;Handle:Alloy material;Knife fitted:Alloy
  • Accessories:Cotton sword bag.Not wood stand
Bestseller No. 7
Chinese Sword/Han jian/Medium Carbon Steel Blade/Solid Matte Black Paint Scabbard/Zinc-Alloy
  • Blade Material:Medium carbon steel;Sword Type:Fully Handmade,Heat Tempered,Full tang,practical; Forging skill of...
  • Approximately:PackageWeight (with Scabbard):4.4lbs;Overall Length:39";Blade Length:28"
  • Scabbard:Solid wood,black matte paint;Handle:wood,winding rope;Knife fitted:Zinc-alloy
  • Accessories:Cotton sword bag.No wood stand

Buyer's Guide

The Size And Weight Of A Chinese War Sword Makes It A Remarkable Martial Arts Weapon!

The Chinese War Sword is the most commonly known sword in the world. Many of its close relatives are also found in Chinese collections. The Chinese people are known to collect these legendary swords since they believe these weapons bring fortune and protect them from evil forces. There are three major types of Chinese war swords:

The Steelancer is an armored sword. The double edged blade is wide and intimidating. It is said that it was used by a leader among the Chinese military troops. It is said that he used it to frighten his foes into retreat by making the weapon seem as large as an elephant. It is also said that this weapon was so effective that the army of the Yin Dynasty was able to defeat the armies of the Khanate of Khoresms during the Qi dynasty.

These Chinese warsword are made of steel or a mixture of metals. The protective vices are usually iron or bronze. The blades are usually forged to give the user an edge. There are usually about twenty to thirty teeth on each side. A single hilt is covered with inscriptions.

The Tanchai, Longquan, andhenglong are also a part of the Chinese war sword. They come in two different types. The Tanchai is made to be carried on one hand. Longquan is the longer sword of the two Chinese swords and thehenglong is shorter than the Tanchai.

The Wudan is known to have been used by the Japanese during their conquest of China. The weapon was made of wood and could only be wielded by people of high rank in the military. The weapon was thought to be very strong. During the Qing Dynasty the Muromachi sword was created and assigned to the Emperors of Japan.

A Chinese war sword is a single edged sword. It is usually held and used in a hand to single handed style. The weapon is shorter than most Chinese weapons and about four inches long. The blade is straight and may contain a few curve. The hilt is designed with a slot to hold an additional five fingers. The grip is made of leather, paper or metal.

A Chinese warsword is essential for a modern day Chinese warrior. It will withstand many blows and will always be ready to fight to the death. In the past, the weapon was carried on the person while in battle. This was because it was more stable than most other weapons at the time. It is not as large and compact as it's modern day counterpart.

A popular Chinese war sword is the Fanishing Chinese Warsword. It is one of the more commonly found and most popular martial arts weapons today. The design of the blade is a flat curved sword that was originally created in China. Many martial artists carry this weapon everywhere they go. Chinese swords are very strong, durable and dependable. They are much better than their western counterparts that rely on steel and other man made materials.

Two popular styles of Chinese warswords include flat-bladed and curved-bladed. Both styles of the sword can be found with a fan-shaped guard, a tapered pommel, and a leather wrapped grip. The flat-bladed is easier to use and is generally lighter in weight. The curved-blade, on the other hand, is harder to use and has a more elaborate guard that is designed to protect against thrusting.

When Chinese people first began using the weapon they would wrap the handle of the sword in animal skin. This was done so that the weapon would be more comfortable and more accurate. Over time the handle was made of leather and the flat-bladed version was eventually made of steel. This was the weapon of choice by Chinese warriors before bows and arrows were available.

Although the Chinese developed the knife independently many people believe that the weapon was originally owned by a warlord known as Wu Liang. This would make the date much more uncertain as there are no remains of any such weapon. Most martial artists believe that the invention of the Chinese warsword was brought about by either a Chinese general called Huang Di or his rival Li Zhen. In any event, most historians concur that the creation of the Chinese war sword marked the beginning of what would become a very bloody and important century for the Chinese nation.

One of the great things about owning a Chinese war sword is that you don't have to take classes to be able to wield one. This is a distinct advantage over several other types of swords that are available on today's market. You also won't have to spend a lot of money to own one of these beauties because they are surprisingly affordable. A basic model should cost you between seven hundred and one thousand dollars. The more expensive models range up to five thousand dollars and can be nearly double the size of the single edged sword. If you want to impress people, and show off to them, then you need to add a two handed sword to your martial arts arsenal!