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How Does Charge Plus Work?

The Chroma-SOLE (Scratch-Free Display Optimized) Color Charge Plus is an ultra high-output model of the original corded, wireless DC adapter. It's perfect for almost any temporary indoor light applications where outdoor wiring is an issue or where installation time is vital, converting a venue from nothing into everything in minutes. Ideal for public venues, trade shows, churches, trade fairs, home demonstrations and more, the versatile Charge Plus makes connecting multiple devices quick and easy, even when multiple outlets are not available. In the midst of a large crowd, simply connect the Chroma-SOLE to keep everyone focused on the show - with a color screen that is brilliantly clear and easy to read. The Charge Plus can be used to charge the Chroma-SOLE in-between performances, as well, taking up less room than traditional floor-standing plugs.

For maximum convenience, many models include premium replaceable wire cutters that allow users to trim and straighten without leaving their work area. For added safety, many Charge Plus units feature tamper resistant clips that can keep small objects out of the path of an outlet. The tamper resistant clip easily attaches to most metal surfaces. Even when plugged into the back of a vehicle, the Chroma SOLE will remain safely away from hands and fingers. Many models include a nylon interior and a recessed plug that makes it easy to attach to a car cigarette lighter. If the Chroma SOLE sounds like an interesting product for your work environment, consider the benefits of the Charge Plus line.

Charge Plus products are designed to accommodate any venue, from temporary events to large conventions and corporate events. Whether you need portable, high-power charging solutions for exhibits, graphics, or any other purpose, you'll find the right fit for your business with the Charge Plus line. Charging stations for events include charging pods that accept a variety of devices, including smartphones, tablet computers, and other electronic devices. These convenient devices plug directly into the charging pod, providing instant power. In addition, some Charge Plus products include a high-voltage bus that allows the device to draw power even when the public charging points are occupied. No matter where you're going, the availability of a high-voltage bus ensures that you'll always have power.

One of the most popular features is the ionization high-power charging network electric vehicles (IHC), which helps prevent outages by recharging the battery. IHCs use a patented technology called ionic exchange. When a car runs out of gas, it has to throw some of its chemical fuel away in the form of water, which is then absorbed by the silicon in the air. The electricity generated by the car's onboard battery then charges the IHC, restoring it to full working capacity. The increased energy levels, or power, allowed many drivers to go on a longer, more productive drive.

One of the reasons why so many drivers are choosing to drive hybrid or electric vehicles is the increased availability of electric and hybrid highways and roads. IHC technology allows for this by using an ionic exchange process between the gasoline powered vehicles and the electrical charging systems in order to maximize energy production and reduce the amount of energy waste. IHC technology was originally developed by Honda and it's now used by Nissan, BMW, and several other manufacturers. In fact, the Mercedes Benz manufacturer just announced that all of their new vehicles will have IHC technology.

Charge Plus makes use of a special connector to connect to a vehicle's electric system and to transfer power from the vehicle's battery to the IHC. Additionally, the charging system provides support for numerous accessories. For instance, the company manufactures a charging cradle for the vehicles in which an entire platform is suspended. Charge Plus can also provide support for many accessories, including an air bag sensor and a device to prevent over-charging.

While some have criticized IHC as ineffective at generating power, most manufacturers of IHC-equipped vehicles have stated that the long-term effect on their vehicles' fuel efficiency is significantly greater than the initial cost. Additionally, many drivers have reported savings in gasoline costs, as well as decreased noise levels due to the electronic processes involved. Many drivers also believe that the IHC has provided a safety benefit by reducing tire heat while also protecting the integrity of the vehicle's battery.

There is still much that needs to be learned regarding the exact effects of Charge Plus and how it works with various vehicles. However, it is apparent that this emerging technology has been of great benefit to a growing number of manufacturers. IHC is not only expected to eventually replace standard batteries in most vehicles, but it is also set to become the replacement for completely electric vehicle (EV) chargers. The future of technology may indeed bring even more benefits for consumers. Stay tuned!