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Camillus Titanium Knives - What's All the Fuss About?

The Camillus Titanium Knife is a great multi-functional tool. At first glance, it looks like a cross between a pocket knife and a paring knife, however the material used to construct this knife (Titanium) ensures that it performs as well as a knife of a different type. When opening the knife, there is no need for any special tools as it is mechanically closed with a push button on the handle.

This multi-functional tool has many practical features. It can be used for opening cans, opening bottles, carving and thinning fish and other cutlery. Many models of camillus titanium knives also have a serrated edge on the blade which offers extra cutting ability. This makes them an excellent choice for home, work or even in a self-defense situation.

Many of the titanium knives are made with a full tang which is almost indestructible. It is reinforced by the heat of the cutting edge, making the blade stronger. The blades are precision heat treated and made using a hard-wearing high carbon borate. The high carbon content helps to ensure that the knife does not rust easily, thus the blade will always stay sharper for a longer period of time.

Some titanium bonded blades use a cross-linking process to enhance the strength of the metal. Other manufacturers opt for stippling to enhance the strength of the steel. Stippling is a grinding process whereby an abrasive is placed on the steel, to polish it. The more abrasive the better as it will not only polish the surface of the metal, but also cause small steel cracks. Camillus uses diamond grinding wheels to grind the blade to give it the toughest and best quality steel possible.

One unique feature of many titanium knives is their ability to be sharpened without the use of a professional sharpener. The reason for this is that because of the extreme heat the blade is exposed to, the edge begins to dull immediately. A professional sharpener can restore the edge to its former sharpness, but many times the end result is far less than desired. Using a professional sharpener, you can restore the blade to its former pristine condition. When sharpening your own knives, make sure you follow the manufacturers recommendations.

Camillus offers several models of folding knives. The most popular among them all are their Pro knife and the Mini knife models. Each of these folding blades comes in a variety of sizes, from one inch up to five inches in length. The handle of each model is made of a lightweight alloy, which makes it easy to carry and fold. There is no need to purchase a special knife handle, since the handles come in a standard size and are compatible with most other handles available on the market today.

In addition to the high quality and excellent performance of Camillus knives, they also provide a lifetime of edge retention thanks to their unique titanium blade. This grade of titanium is extremely hard and able to hold a much sharper edge than other metals. Since the blade is so sharp, it will cut more easily and make a cleaner cut, which prolongs the life of your blade. The edges will stay clean and you can use less pressure when sharpening, which improves safety and efficiency.

The handle material of each model of camillus knives is also made of titanium. Titanium has superior strength and durability, and is much lighter than carbonitride titanium. Carbonitride titanium is hard, stiff, and less ergonomic, making it a poor choice for a folding knife. The extra tough material of camillus blades ensures that the handles will remain strong for many years, even with constant use. You can see why the Carbonitride Titanium knife set is so popular!