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The Best Benchmark Knives

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Benchmark Knives Review

Benchmark Knives are one of the most well-known and respected names in the Benchmark knife collection. Launched in the late '70s, Benchmark Knives quickly made its way into the heart of the hunting community with many impressive pocket knives and unique knife designs. The popular knifemaker was founded in Gastonia, NC. Today Benchmark knives are still based in that very same town. While some of the older style knives are being phased out, the current lineup of knives offers a large selection for the hunter or fisherman.

For the hunter, Benchmark Knives offers several traditional styles, including thematic knives, fixed blades, and many others. Some of the traditional models include the Antler Hunter, Classic Knives, Buck Knives, Field & Range, and others. If you like pocket knives, but you prefer heavier duty tools, you can also purchase the Benchmark Pro Series. All Benchmark knives are manufactured by hand, so they are one of the best quality knives available. These knives also come with a professional coin grip or an adjustable sheath to protect your investment and make your outdoors comfortable.

Benchmark knife collections offer a variety of versatile tools. There is an entire line of push daggers knives designed to work in any situation, whether you're on the job or roughing it. You can use these knives for opening cans, loading your gun, chopping firewood, and other tasks you might encounter. Some Benchmark knives come with a feature called the "bleeding edge," which allows the user to cut through thicker items with little worry of blood streaking or leaving marks on the object. This feature is also helpful if you accidentally snag your pocket knife and don't have access to a sharpening tool. The bleeding edge blade allows you to quickly remove the snag without waiting for a sharpener.

Some Benchmark knives also include a thumb stud or a safety lock to prevent accidental release of the blade when you're holding it. Many of these knives come in a variety of colors, including black, blue, cream, dark brown, and natural. They can be used in a wide variety of applications, including fishing, camping, sports, auto, and home defense. The blades are generally made from a combination of stainless steel and high carbon steel. There are several manufacturers who make these tools, including Benchmark, Bushmaster, and Spyderco. Many people prefer to buy a Benchmark knife that includes a folding blade so they can effortlessly carry it in their purse or pocket.

Benchmark makes both traditional pocket knives and fixed blade knives. With traditional pocket knives, the blade is open all the way, which is why they are referred to as pocket knives. With the Benchmark knives, the blade is open at the tip and does not turn to the side like a traditional pocket knife. Some people call these types of tools pocket knives, but they are not. These tools are known as fixed blade knives, and you will notice the blade is open at the center or end of the blade where most of the blades on traditional pocket knives are.

A few popular knives in the world include Benchmark, serrated edges, drop point, folding blades, and many other options. The folding blade is one of the more popular models because it can easily be stored in a pouch or inside a shirt pocket. Most Benchmark knives have a fingerguard or a drop-down flat surface on which to hold the blade. Some people refer to these tools as utility knives. The Benchmark knives can also come in a number of different sizes, including one, two, three, and four-inch blade sizes. Some people prefer to use these tools for cutting larger food items such as steak or chicken, but some people use these knives for dry cutting just like they would with a butter knife.

There are many different styles of knives, including those that are carried on men's belts. Many times these knives are referred to as folding pocket knives. These tools are great for people who work outdoors because of their ergonomic design. Folding pocket knives are often made with an oversized clip to accommodate a belt pouch or other small holster that usually fits inside the pants or shirt pocket.

One thing that all Benchmark knives have in common is that all of them have a strong, well-designed blade that is made from high carbon stainless steel. All of the blades lock into place with a full tang, and most of the knives come with a leather or nylon sheath. Benchmark has used a number of different styles of blades on their folding pocket knives, including double edge, single edge, and even serrated edges. Some of the best Benchmark knives come with serrated edges that are great for slicing and chopping. If you are looking for a durable folding knife that you can carry in your pocket, then you might want to consider Benchmark knives.