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Buyer's Guide

How To Choose A Barber Razor

There are several factors to consider before you buy a new razor. You should know that a new razor will cost you between three hundred and five hundred dollars, depending on the brand you choose and the type of hair you have. You should also know that there are a number of different kinds of razors available. The last thing you want is to spend more money than necessary on a razor.

One of the most important factors to consider before buying is the quality of the hair. If you buy an electric razor, you will have more control over the amount of shaving you get. Electric razors usually work by having several small metal discs. These discs capture the hair, which is then pushed into a notch on the top of the disc. The last thing you want is to get cut. So, it is best to use a shaver that does not use these discs.

Another factor to consider before buying is the condition of the hair. This means doing a good job of removing all the dead hair. If you get a bad haircut, all the good work will go for the drain. You also have to consider the quality of the skin underneath the hair. If it looks inflamed, it probably is and if it is discolored in any way, it probably is too.

You should always shave against the grain of the hair. This means that you should use a good old fashion wet-and-dry method of shaving. This is the only way to really tame down the hair. When you use a sharp blade, you do get a nice smooth close shave. If you use an electric razor, you end up with a shave that is close but doesn't leave a lot of hair.

The shape and design of the face are other factors to take into consideration before you purchase a new razor. Some people are lucky and don't even need to touch the razor after use. Others, though, find that they have blanched in a hurry or that the razor easily got in their eyes. They may think of using eye gels, creams, or lotions after shaving. That would be a good idea if you are one of those people who really hate the way they look after shaving. If this is the case, then you should stick with the old fashion manual razor.

Another factor to consider is how quickly the hair comes out. If you shave slow and use long strokes it can lead to ingrown hairs, razor burn, and bumps. If you want to stay looking good for many weeks, consider buying an after-shave balm that will help seal in some of the moisture. Even if you shave frequently, you shouldn't be doing it every single morning and your face may take a couple of days to get used to the balm.

The cost can be another factor to consider before you buy a new razor. Of course, there are a few brand names that are just far too much. When you are paying that much for a product you want to know that it will last a long time and work well. So, check out the price, but also read the label. It may tell you that the razor is made in the United States but that it is imported from China. Do not buy a product just because it is cheap.

There are many more factors to consider before buying a shaving tool. If you don't know what you should be looking for or what to avoid it can be hard to make up your mind. That is why we recommend that you do some research before you make that big purchase. By doing a little bit of extra research now, you can save yourself some money down the road on something you know you will like.