Best Swiss Army Knife – Victorinox Swiss Champ Pocket Knife Review

Swiss Army knives have achieved a cult status over the time. Swiss knives incorporate multi-tool functionality in a pocket knife structure. In the latest knife models, you are likely to find every imaginable gear for household jobs. Victorinox Swiss Champ is unanimously regarded as the most versatile multi-tool cum EDC (Every Day Carry) knife in the present time. Go on to find out why we consider it the best swiss army knife for the money.

Owning something as luxurious as a Swiss knife has been a dream of every knife collector and enthusiast from the time it was first introduced in the market. The invention of Victorinox by Karl Elsener dates back to 1884. At that time, it was available under a different name. The term “swiss army knife” was first coined by the American Army during the Second World War as they struggled hard to pronounce the German term Schweizer Offiziermesse, I mean obviously!

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Going by the history, Victorinox Swiss Army knife is the first ever multitool in mankind. With the progress of technology, Swiss Army knives have gone through immense improvisations. Almost every device you pick displays numerous tool-sets, each of a high quality and meant for performing day-to-day activities. To name a few, knife, screwdrivers, scissors, saw, blade, ruler, compass, tweezers, pliers, toothpick, bottle opener, key ring, hook, file are the most common equipment found in any Swiss knife. Premium brands have gone a step ahead by including hi-tech features like USB flash knife, digital clocks, LED flashlights and much more in a folding knife format.

Best Swiss Army Knife – Top Models

Knife Model:Our Rating:Price:
Victorinox Swiss Army Swiss Champ4.9$$
Victorinox Farmer4.8$
Wenger 16386 Swiss Army EvoWood4.0$$$
Leatherman Crater c33Tx4.7$$
13 Function Stainless Steel4.7$

How to Choose the Best Swiss Army Knife

Application of the Knife

Before buying a Swiss knife, make up your mind whether you really need it or not. Upscale, feature rich knives aren’t an inexpensive affair, so, be wise in making your decision. It makes no sense to spend hundreds of dollars in a frenzy on something you’re not going to use frequently. It’s best to start off your journey with Swiss Knives with the basics. Pick a product that features all the essential tools you’ll require for common households tasks.


The deal with the best Swiss Army knives is that they feel light on your pocket. A cleverly designed Swiss knife blade can be deployed within a fraction of second for self-defense and survival purpose. Each and every utility tool must perform its intended function well. Top-grade models, in spite of being loaded with abundant equipments have negotiable non-functioning weight.

How to Take Care of a Swiss Army Knife

Top-of-the-line brands like Victorinox make knives that will last a lifetime if maintained carefully. If you want the product to shine bright through years without getting rusted and impaired, there are a few measures you must take. Swiss army knife, the storehouse of myriads of implements, is ultimately a pocket knife and blade is the heart and soul of any knife. Below, some quick tips are mentioned to sharpen a Swiss Army Knife:

The blade of a Victorinox Swiss knife is usually constructed from a stainless steel. Being made of steel has a drawback. Even though a steel blade is thin and razor sharp, it doesn’t hold the edge for long. Moreover, honing the material can be quite tricky when you’re in hurry, which is not the case with soft carbon steels. According to the experts, you should always avoid sharpening a cutlery material on a wheel for too long, otherwise the blade would overheat and lose its shape. If you’re doing it in a traditional manner using whetstone, remember to hold the cutting edge at a flat angle.

Review of Victorinox Swiss Army Swiss Champ Pocket Knife

Product Specification

Victorinox is a compact toolbox that comes with an equipment for every job. From nail filers to fish scalers, virtually, there is almost no general task it can’t do. The Swiss Champ model currently holds 33 implements and I’m not kidding at all! All the equipments are produced from durable stainless steel. All the tools are Swiss-made and offer a lifetime warranty. In a Victorinox Swiss Champ pocket knife, you’ll find a wire cutter, a metal saw, a tweezer, a toothpick, a nail filer and cutter and a lot more. Among the additional features, there’s a ruler, a fish scale, a ballpoint pen, a magnifying glass, so on and so forth.

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Victorinox Swiss Champ is the finest specimen of Swiss military knife making duly for its spectacular ergonomics. What else can you even expect from an impeccable device that has revolutionized the entire scenario of utility tools? Integrating a diverse range of tools in one frame has an unavoidable impact on the bulk of the equipment. In comparison to most other Swiss knives, Victorinox does feel heavy on palm.


Being packed with features, Victorinox Swiss Champ isn’t the most portable SAK in the market. But that’s not something it intends to be. It is essentially a collector’s knife. Due to the steep price and multiple gear-sets, customers with average applications avoid a hi-tech multitool like this. Frankly speaking, Swiss Champ is the heaviest Swiss knife in the world right now. Nonethless, for the true knife lovers, it isn’t an issue at all because when it’s time for action, Swiss champ SAK adds extra manpower to ease every difficulty.

Blade Quality

Victorinox blades are no ordinary stainless steel blades. The stunning cutting and edge retention property has won hearts for ages. Both the small and large blades have an ultra-sharp grind. Although the blade is thin and small, it has a commendable thickness. The blade isn’t designed for heavy-duty cutting tasks but performs everyday activities like cutting boxes, ropes, envelopes, fruits and veggies with ease.


It’s almost blasphemous to comment on the features of a Swiss champ. It is a miniaturized version of a complete tool-box. It’s impossible to evaluate all of the 33 devices individually. I personally found the eyeglass screwdriver, scissors, nail filer, ruler, wire cutter and wood saw to be of great use. You can do away with the poor quality magnifying glass.

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A Victorinox Swiss Champ truly deserves the fame it enjoys. Carrying a SAK in the pocket is like being armed with every lethal weapon to win a war. It’s not just a bunch of implements crammed inside a small metal box, Swiss Champ knife is a testimony of excellent craftsmanship and rich Swiss heritage. Stash the knife somewhere you have easy access to and use it safely. Don’t purchase an over-the-top model for just show off. For limited usage, a solid folding knife will suffice.

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