The home has many essential items that we use to complete tasks faster. Having a knife is one of the factors to consider when making a list of things to get for the kitchen. It’s interesting to note that knives are not left out. They help the owners in slicing a piece of fruit or any other consumable that doesn’t necessarily need the traditional kitchen knife. Hence, the quest by homeowners to get the best pocket knives, which are not only convenient but can also adapt to numerous situation.

So, what is the fuss about having a pocketknife? What does a pocketknife mean? A pocketknife called a penknife is foldable. It also comes built with at least a single or multiple blades that fit inside the knife’s handle. The edge of the knife is typically between 5 to 15 centimeters, which also translates to 2 to 6 inches. The versatility of the pocketknife makes it usable in many scenarios, such as slicing a piece of fruit, opening an envelope, or cutting wire. In extreme cases, the owner may have to deploy it as a self-defense mechanism.

Top 10 Best Pocket Knife: Editor’s Pick

Pocket Knife Model
Editor's Rating
Kershaw Blur Pocket Knife
Gerber Paraframe Stainless Steel Mini Pocket Knife
Smith Wesson Assisted Folding Knife
Benchmade Mini Griptilian Manual Open Folding Knife
CRKT Drifter EDC Folding Pocket Knife
Buck Knives Folding Pocket Knife
SOG EDC Folding Knife
Spyderco Parent Title
Sanrenmu Super Military EDC Pocket Knife
Case Amber Bone Mini Copperlock

So, you can now see the importance of having this “smaller knife” that is compatible and can fit in a pocket. With that in mind, you may now be prompted to look for the variations that would fit into your needs. If that is the case, then we got you covered. We have searched extensively to come up with the pocket knife reviews. So, read further too discover the fifteen (15) best pocket knives you can get at affordable prices.

Best Pocket Knife Review

1. Kershaw Blur Pocket Knife

Many reasons influence the choice of a penknife. While the buyer may be looking for something versatile, others may be looking for something that has a unique design. So, if you fall into that category, then I am pleased to present you with the Kershaw Blur Pocket Knife.

The breathtaking design is the first thing that would catch your attention and lead you until you click the “order” button. It might interest you to know that the knife is versatile, which makes it adaptable to any use case or need you may have. Now, we’re looking at a ready tool that would make the hands of a hunter, and other outdoorsmen itchy. The EDC design of the knife does not only make it easier for hunters to use. It’s suitable for a range of outdoor events, such as hiking, camping, caving, fishing, and biking.

It is one thing to have the best folding pocket knife and another to literally “beckon on it to get an immediate response.” That informs the reason behind the SpeedSafe Assisted Opening that empowers you to use the one-handed safe opening with a thumb stud to open the knife.

Are you bothered that the knife may slip, especially when you’re out in wet conditions? You have to dash those fears to the marines and put on the armor of courage. The Kershaw Blue Pocket Knife has integrated Trac-Tec inserts that give you quality grip and easy carriage in all environments.

Highlighted Features

  • SpeedSafe Assisted Opening for a one-hand opening of the knife
  • The knife blade is held in place with a secure liner lock
  • Corrosion and wear resistance
  • Fast deployment
  • High-performance steel
  • Durable handle

2. Gerber Paraframe Stainless Steel Mini Pocket Knife

Are you looking for something convenient and easy to carry about anywhere you go? Indeed, penknives are lightweight and can fit into your pocket without hassles. However, you may want something smaller that isn’t too big nor too small; just something compact. We have you covered and believe the Gerber Paraframe Stainless Steel Mini Pocket Knife is what you need to make the most out of your adventures.

The manufacturer, Gerber Products, has been in the business of producing durable and efficient products. So, the pocketknife we have here is not an exception. Interestingly, it is the smallest in terms of size in the Paraframe knife series from this manufacturer.

Also, the penknife’s miniature size makes it easy to store away in a small carry folder. The open frame also makes this knife more attractive. And this, together with the fine-edge blade, makes this lightweight pocket knife a breeze to hold and clean. Besides, you would like the smooth stainless steel handle and the sturdy pocket clip that make the knife’s design to be unique. That is not leaving out the frame lock that holds and safely closes the blade when in use and after use, respectively.

Highlighted Features

  • Easy to clean after use
  • Full fine edge blade
  • Clip point blade style
  • Made of high carbon stainless steel material
  • Frame lock

3. Smith Wesson Assisted Folding Knife

Do you for some reason believe that some out there is preparing to hurt you? You may have questions and probably end up serving some jail-term when carrying a firearm without a license. Besides, having such a weapon alerts the enemy of your preparedness to counter the attack. You need to take the enemy by surprise. You need the Smith Wesson Assisted Folding Knife to get back your confidence while relying on it in any situation.

First, it has a 21.8 cm total length. But the blade length is 3.6 inches (about 9.1 cm). The weight of 7.6 ounces is neither heavyweight nor feeble; it is the perfect size for the knife. The durability of the blade is not in doubt because it has a reliable 4034 Black Oxide High Carbon Stainless Steel. And impressively, this utilizes a black aluminum with a rubber inlay to maximize the sturdiness.

You know, things can get scary when carrying a best tactical pocket knife, such as this one, the Smith Wesson Assisted Folding Knife. The primary cause of concern is on the possibility of having the knife slipping from the lock. That is dangerous, as it can lacerate your skin if not checked on time. That informs the reason behind the security of the inner lock and safety lock that prevents the blade from slipping. Besides, the finger actuator and the convenient pocket clip designs of the knife make it ideal for everyday carry.

Highlighted Features

  • Aluminum with rubber inlay handle
  • Secure liner lock prevents the blade from slipping
  • Comes with an ambidextrous thumb plate and glass break
  • Blade serration
  • MAGIC Assisted Opening Technology

4. Benchmade Mini Griptilian Manual Open Folding Knife

The fascinating thing about this best EDC pocket knife is the Zen aesthetic that allows you to do something very ordinary and do it spectacularly well. Making the best out of this pocketknife demands that you take away your focus from the miniature size. Instead, you should focus on the properties it has.

For instance, the simplified design may seem undesirable, but it is just a trick to keep you away from understanding the power that lies inside. A slow movement on the locks and the blade come into sight. Also, the small design is ideal for making the knife to be applied to many situations.

On the other hand, the lanyard hole and a standard clip type with a reversible tip-up clip position is the perfect option for setting the knife to work without hassles. The AXIS mechanism and the manual opening ensure that you use the knife with precision.

Highlighted Features

  • Has a precision drop-point construction for versatility and strength
  • Ideal for many occasions/uses
  • First-rate edge retention
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Reversible tip-up clip position

5. CRKT Drifter EDC Folding Pocket Knife

It’s understandable when you choose to do things differently. Here is one of the best knife reviews that offer you security, and ability to cut many things open just in a matter of seconds. So, what makes the CRKT Drifter EDC Folding Pocket Knife better than every other best pocket knives in the market?

First, this is your go-to logo knife for most of your daily needs. You will find flat areas on the blade and an InterFrame build. It also features stainless steel liners and a sturdy black stainless steel clip. Undoubtedly, you’re looking for something artistic that doesn’t compromise on quality. You have it all in the house on the CRKT Drifter EDC Folding Pocket Knife, which empowers you to cut any material with ease.

Besides, the sturdy G10 handles are the perfect way to maintain a grip on the knife, when in wet conditions. Hopefully, you would like the thumb stud blade deployment that sends the blades flipping out of their coven in a matter of seconds.

Highlighted Features

  • InterFrame build
  • Features stainless steel liners and a black stainless steel clip
  • Folding knife with locking liner
  • Plain edge
  • Gray titanium nitride finish

6. Buck Knives Folding Pocket Knife

It indeed takes courage to come out in public with the handles of this best folding pocket knife showing in your pockets. Maybe you want to scare the bad guys away, or you want to do something extraordinary from your peers. Whichever is the case, you can always rely on the Buck Knives Folding Pocket Knife to deliver in all manner of occasions.

It would interest you to know that the manufacturer, Buck Knives, has been in the production line for a century and some decades after it commenced operations in 1902. Ever since then, the company had not looked back as it continues to deliver quality products. So, we’re not taken aback considering the potentials of this folding pocketknife.

The Lockback mechanism is there to lock the blades open, which gives you real strength and safety while you work. 420HC stainless steel can be many things to many people. To some, the shiny look of the clip blade makes it appealing to the beholder. Some other users are particular about the sharp controllable point and the corrosion resistance. When it comes to the uses, you would agree that the knife is versatile, which makes it ideal for slicing and piercing. Some adventurous users may want to go a-hunting to hunt down some game by slashing the Buck Knives Folding Pocket Knife through the body.

Highlighted Features

  • The classic and compactness make room for easy carriage
  • The classical American Walnut Handle and the Brass Bolsters combine to deliver beauty to the knife
  • Razor-sharp clip point blade
  • Easy to open by tapping the nail notch on the edge
  • 420HC blade material

7. SOG EDC Folding Knife

You may have to call off your search for the best EDC pocket knife. Yes, you! We’re serious about it because we’ve found one of the best pocket knives you can’t resist. We’re talking about the SOG EDCC Folding Knife.

It’s the favorite of a cross-section of users, ranging from hunters to people engaging in hiking and biking. The fascinating thing about it is the SOG Assisted Technology (SOT) that employs a robust piston lock, which, when triggered by the sliding button, flashes the AUS-8 stainless steel blade into view. That is not leaving out the reversible, low-carry pocket knife clip that combines with the serrated pocket knife blade that makes it versatile and easy to fold about use.

Highlighted Features

  • The Black Titanium Nitride (TiNi) makes the knife to be scratch-and-peel resistant
  • Comes with the SOG Assisted Opening Technology for easy opening
  • Piston lock secures the blade
  • Single-handed opening
  • Comes with a glass-reinforced nylon grip

8. Spyderco Parent Title

There’s no gainsaying that some people still find it challenging to use a knife, especially a penknife. So, when you have the Spyderco Parent Title folding knife in your palms, you can begin to picture yourself in an imaginary but safe world.

The beautiful thing about the knife is the fast deployment of the blade, which is triggered by a flick and little thumb. The knife can also stay in your hand for hours without chances of slipping even when your hands are wet with oil or water. Besides the unique design, you can also add the Spyderco Parent Title to your collections of cutting tools.

Highlighted Features

  • Feels solid in your hand; no slipping
  • Smooth open/close motion
  • High quality with no noticeable blade play when it’s in any position
  • Reversible clip
  • A solid edge that will last you for a long time

9. Sanrenmu Super Military EDC Pocket Knife

From the look of things, this could turn out to be one of the best pocket knives you can find out there. The military undertone and the EDC design combine to not only give it a perfect look but also adds some shades to the overall design of the knife.

From another perspective, it is versatile, which makes it applicable in many scenarios. You can use it for hunting, camping, and even for self-defense when surrounded. Besides, compact and lightweight is ideal for making it easy to carry about.

We’re thrilled to see that one can conceal this knife in many clothing ranging from suits to jeans. The highly functional frame lock mechanism is one of the many steps to secure and release the blade when the need arises.

Highlighted Features

  • Light and easy to carry
  • Efficient frame lock mechanism
  • Solid pocket clip
  • Affordable
  • The jumping on the neck of the blade is user-friendly

10. Case Amber Bone Mini Copperlock

The best small pocket, the Case Amber Bone Mini Copperlock knife is a wise choice. It’s ideal for those who don’t fancy the bulging shape of a penknife. Plus the Case Amber Bone Mini Copperlock is a smart buy for many reasons.

First, it has a clip blade, which is something many buyers don’t get to see in other penknives. Instead, the one here has a clip blade (multipurpose blade) that can cut into and slice through tight spots. You also need the knife because of the Copperlocks locking mechanism that makes room for the smooth opening and closure of the blade.

We hope you would love the quality craftsmanship on the knife that expands the design. Ideally, the handle of the knife comes sourced from several materials, such as buffalo horn, cattle born, exotic woods, and stones.

Highlighted Features

  • Built with a Tru-Sharp surgical steel blade
  • Ideal for use in many projects within and outside the home
  • The carved handles are made from different materials, such as mother-of-pearl and cattle bone
  • Comes with a clip blade
  • Copperlocks locking mechanism for active locking and opening of the knife

11. Spyderco Delica4 Flat Ground PlainEdge Knife

The best lightweight pocket knife comes in different shapes and sizes. While some would be very excited to have one with a metallic construction, some others would also like it to be foldable. All those features and many more comes packed in the Spyderco Delica4 Flat Ground PlaainEdge Knife.

There’s no denying that it is choice of many buyers, an assertion that is greatly influenced by the excellent ergonomics and the perfect size that fits into your hand. Worthy of mention is the super sharp blade that allows you to cut and slice through anything you want at the speed of light. We’re not leaving out the upward slope design of the edge that enables the handler to add pressure without losing control.

Besides, quality is the watchword because it is well-crafted with the highest quality materials you can get out there. It also comes with an enlarged opening hole and skeletonized steel internal liners that add beauty to the ergonomics of the knife. The phosphor bronze washers and screw-together construction are a significant addition to this knife. These features make it resistant-free and let you cut through objects smoothly.

Highlighted Features

  • Screw-together construction
  • FRN Bi-Directional Textured handle
  • Enlarged opening hole
  • Skeletonized steel internal liners
  • 4-Way Clip

12. SOG Aegis Tanto Folding Pocket Knife

SOG is famous for making most of the sturdy and best pocket knives. So, we were not disappointed with the outlook of the SOG Folding Pocket Knife. As is a characteristic of the manufacturer, it comes with a sturdy design that gives it that aggressive look. Besides, the ergonomics of the knife and other internal features combine to make it one of the best you can get out there.

The first feature is that it comes with the SOG SUPPORT, which is the commitment of the manufacturer to make long-lasting knives. You can be sure that the one here would serve you for long. Also, it comes with a 3.1 OZ Tanto Point that is a stronger blade with spine thickness. That, in turn, ensures that the edge would be carried through to a tip that drops down for a better balance when carried by the handler. Interestingly, the outlook of the knife doesn’t necessarily translate to being sturdy. Instead, it has a bigger blade with a lighter loadout.

You needn’t bother about the retention of the blade. That informs the reason behind the hard-cased black titanium nitride-coated AUS-8 stainless steel hardened with the cryogenic heat treatment. The iron also comes lowered to -300°F, which relieves blade stress at the atomic level that increases the edge retention and hardness.

Highlighted Features

  • Discreet reversible low carry
  • Comes with a 3.5 Titanium Nitride-Coated AUS-8 Stainless Steel
  • Assisted One-Hand Open
  • Glass-Reinforced Nylon (GRN) Handle
  • The Tanto Point delivers a stronger blade with spine thickness

13. Benchmade Adamas 275 Knife with Drop-Point Blade

Benchmade is one of the reputable pocketknife makers in the world. The design of their products goes the extra mile affirm that fact. So, we take notice once more, of its undeniable status as it comes forth once more, with the Adamas 275 Pocketknife with Drop-Point Blade.

It is one of the models crafted under the Adamas folding knives, which have proven to be one of the most robust AXIS knives ever made. The knife derives much of its strength from the thick blade, the liners and the G10 handle. The status as the best folding pocket knife is the MOLLE compatibility that has a lanyard hole and a deep-carry, reversible tip-up pocket clip. Besides, the knife is popular among the Navy SEAL Foundation and the Three Rangers. The tactical undertone buoys the move to the knife, which makes it ideal for special operations.

When you’re about to pull out the blade, you only need to use the manual opening with snap retention to bring the blade into sight. Besides, the high-quality D2 stainless steel blade holds an edge perfectly while the G10 handle is stable and durable enough to adapt to different temperatures/conditions. Then there is a drop-point feature in the knife, which alongside the utility blade style gives way to the versatility of the knife for use in a variety of tasks.

Highlighted Features

  • The AXIS lock makes it sturdy and Fully ambidextrous
  • High build quality
  • Versatile for use in a variety of tasks
  • Reversible pocket clip and Cordura sheath makes it easy to access
  • Manually opened and closed single-handedly

14. Benchmade North Fork 15031

Are you looking for the best pocket knives that can adapt to different uses? Then you needn’t look farther because the Benchmade North Fork 15031 has it all in the house. The knife is made explicitly for hunting purposes. So, hunters in the house, this is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for – go and grab the knife for maximum performance.

But, what makes it better than any other pocketknife? First, it has a well-balanced CPM-S30V stainless steel blade that offers rust resistance and superb edge qualities. Also, the stability of the knife comes enhanced by the presence of the stabilized wood handle, which makes it more resistant to environmental hardships.

The hunting undertone for designing the knife hinges on the drop-point, recurved blade that makes it ideal for processing duties. You would like the reversible pocket clip for easy access. The manual design also makes things interesting, because you can open and close it single-handedly without worrying about the possibility of the blade to flicker when in your pocket.

Understandably, you need something that you can carry with you. So, take advantage of the lightweight design in the Benchmade North Fork 15031 to achieve that. Aside from that, the stabilized wood handle makes it easier to hold, use, and take anywhere you want to go.

Highlighted Features

  • Specifically designed for hunting purposes
  • The AXIS lock makes it exceptionally strong and fully ambidextrous
  • Well-balanced and rust-resistant stainless steel blade
  • You can open and close with one hand
  • The reversible pocket clip offers the ultimate accessibility

15. Case Black Trapperlock Pocket Knife with Clip

A thrilling feeling fascinates you when you remember that you have one of the best pocket knives in the world. The Case is a manufacturer that is on the mission to produce the best knives, and the one we have here affirms that fact. It might interest you to know that the Case Black Trapperlock Pocket Knife with Clip is not only cute to look at, but also has a rust-free blade. So, you’re confident of getting Tru-Sharp surgical steel blades that can serve you in different purposes.

The versatility of the knife also comes to play, because you can deploy it to different uses. Whether you’re seeking a handy knife for home use, or a pocketknife to take for outdoor activities, the Case Black Trapperlock Pocket Knife with Clip fits the bill. Another impressive feature on the knife is the Trapperlock feature that holds the clip blade for many uses. More interesting is that the otherwise small design of the edge can handle many tasks, such as cutting, slicing, and for managing any other type of fieldwork.

Opening the knife is as smooth and natural as you can imagine. You can use the thumb stud or the liner lock mechanism to flicker the blade into sight with a one-hand opening. You can also choose from the array of bone or synthetic handles for the best grip for your knife.

Highlighted Features

  • Engraved thumb stud for easy, one-hand opening
  • Ideal for everyday needs
  • Has Chrome Vanadium (CV) blades that have the edge-holding ability and easy re-sharpening
  • Tru-Sharp surgical steel blade
  • Jigged black synthetic handle

Buying Guide of the Best Pocket Knife

To say that pocketknives are among one of the most useful tools to humankind is not an exaggeration. Their uses do not stop at the home where you can deploy them to complete smaller tasks, such as peeling fruits and slicing through chicken breasts. You can also use them in the field to cut some items. Interestingly, pocketknives are the hunters’ favorite because you can use to hunt down specific games. More so, the knives can be the only handy self-defense mechanism you can rely on when an enemy comes upon you. Thus, the uses are many.

However, you don’t have to be too excited by the potentialities, which may force you to go all out to get one. You need to make a well-calculated decision. That informs the reason why we put together a buying guide, which is a list of the factors you should consider when purchasing a pocketknife. So, below are the features you should look for when buying the best pocket knives.

  • Number of Blades

Ideally, pocketknives tend to come in different shapes and sizes with each of those having specific numbers of blades. The mono or one-blade penknife is the most common, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t get more. So, the rule of thumb is to decide on the type of job you intend doing with the knife. That should help you determine the number of blades that can handle the tasks.

For instance, you may want to go for a pocketknife that has one blade if you have a few tasks to accomplish. On the other hand, the multi-blade version ensures you don’t need to move around with too many knives. A single pocket knife can handle tasks two or more knives can. Therefore, the number of blades in your favorite best pocketknife should be in tandem with the tasks at hand.

  • Price

Undoubtedly, the cost of every material has higher chances of swinging the buyers’ decision for or against its favor. As a buyer, you should consider the amount you’re willing to spend on a pocketknife and correlate it to the features the knife has to offer. Most times, buyers have a set price limit only to discover that the penknife they had in mind is way above that range.

On the other hand, some buyers prefer the under $30 pocketknives, which they can discard for a new one when they begin to wean. If we may suggest, you may want to spend more on a knife that has a vast quality and which ticks all the boxes you had in mind. That way, you’re confident that it would last longer while giving you the best slicing and cutting services.

  • The Type of Pocketknife

Have you realized that there’s not only one version of penknives out there? It may interest you to know that you can get several versions if you so desire. But, you may always end up with one, depending on your budget. Hence, you need to consider the types of pocket knives in the market to make an informed decision.

First, the Canoe Pocketknife has two blades, with one functioning as the pen blade and the other as the drop-point blade. Second, you may want to go for the Congress that has four edges. Third, the Barlow pocketknife is another perfect choice because it has two edges with an elongated oval handle. Fourth and most interesting is the Camper penknife that has many blades. It is not just a pocketknife but has additional tools that can serve as screwdrivers, openers, and scissors.

  • Blade Length

How far can the blade of the knife go? Some buyers prefer the shorter version that has about 2.75 inches. The medium blade sizes (2.75 – 4 inches) are mobile owing to their small dimensions. But they are still big enough to tackle numerous tasks. Finally, the giant blades that measure over 4 inches are the most intimidating. You not only carry them discreetly but are powerful self-defense tools when need be.

  • Type of Blade

You also need to consider the type of blade that the knife has. For instance, the Drop-Point Blade, which is one of the most popular, is famed for the use in hunting and survival/self-defense situations. You may also consider the Clip Point Blade that’s ideal for everyday use. The deep belly makes it suitable for slicing while the narrow point makes it ideal for piercing.

Aside from the factors listed above, you would also need to look out for other features, such as handle materials (aluminum, wood, G-10, Celluloid, Bone), the primary mechanisms (manual, assisted, switchblade/automatic), and the famous brands or manufacturers. So, do extensive research on those to help you in making an informed decision when buying the best pocket knives.

How to Sharpen a Pocket Knife with a Stone

So, you’ve spent some Dollars on buying the best pocket knives only for them to become dull after a while. It can be a frustrating situation because it means you wouldn’t be able to use your pocketknife for some time except you sharpen it.

There’s no denying that the sharpening stone would do most of the work to give your blade a sharp edge. While you’re working towards moving your pocketknife from dull to razor-sharp, you should also understand that you’re shaving off a few particles off it while you’re running it over the stone.

So, how can you sharpen your pocketknife with a stone without shaving off some of the particles? The guide below would help you.

  • Identify the Angle

It’s worth mentioning that to achieve success when sharpening your pocketknife; you must identify the angle of the earlier sharpening. That is vital because it gives you the direction on how to go about the sharpening process to retain the edges.

You can find information about that in the user’s manual.

  • Choose the Right Tool

You should note that not all sharpening stones are ideal for your pocketknife. Therefore, you must choose the right tool that can do the job correctly.

  • Clean the Knife before Sharpening

You don’t have to set the knife down to the stone. The rule of thumb is to clean it before sharpening. You can use water, a mild dish detergent, a sponge, and a toothbrush to do that.

  • Use a Lubricant

Also, ensure that you have a lubricant, such as mineral oil or water. It helps to remove the metal debris that forms while you’re honing the blade. The lubricant also helps to reduce the heat generated in the course of the sharpening. That way, you wouldn’t be hurt, and the blade wouldn’t be warped.

How to close a Pocket Knife

Unarguable, pocketknives are useful tools. They help you cut through various objects. Despite their variations, shapes, and sizes, you can always get the best locking mechanism that secures them. It doesn’t matter the style of pocketknife you’re using, because you can use these locking mechanisms to close and store the knife where it belongs in your pocket.

Do you want to discover how you can close a pocketknife after use? Then read the tips below to do that without hassles.

  • Closing Pocketknives with Liner and Frame Locks

If your pocketknife has frame lock or liner lock, then find the part of the liner or frame behind the blade on the underside of the hilt. Once you’ve located the saw-toothed portion that is directly behind the edge, you can then proceed to push the liner or frame away from the blade with your thumb. After that, secure the blade. You can do this by moving your thumb before closing the pocket knife with the dominant finger.

  • Shutting an AXIS Lock Knife

The first step is to use your thumb to pull the pin on the side of the hilt towards you. Push back the blade of the knife with your other hand and release the bolt to secure the edge.

  • Closing a Pocketknife Without a Lock

Grab the pocket knife by the side of the handle. Use your dominant hand to grip the back of the blade. Finally, but gently, push the pocket knife into the allotted slot to secure it.

Frequently Asked Question’s: About The Best Pocket Knife

We’re now in the last lap of the pocket knife reviews. Understandably, you may have some questions to ask about the knife. So, we have reproduced some of the recurring questions alongside their answers for you to understand them better.

  1. What Pocket Knife is the best in the market?

There are many pocket/penknives in the market, which you can choose for a variety of uses. We understood that buyers find it challenging to select from the array of variations in the market. Hence, we put up the fifteen (15) knives in the list above to help you make an informed decision. So, go through the list once again and select the best pocket knives that match your needs.

  1. What Pocket Knives Hold the Best Edge?

Although pocketknives are lightweight and concealable, some of them tend to have better edges over the other. It might interest you to know that the possibility of getting the best edge for a pocketknife varies by many factors, such as the manufacturer and the materials used in making it.

Ideally, the pocketknives we have on the list would give you the best edge.

  1. What Size of Pocket Knife is Legal?

Pocketknives may not be illegal, but you need to be careful with the type you carry around. The laws about this differ by states. However, the rule of thumb is to take a pocketknife that is anywhere between 3 to 4 inches. That said, the only knives you can conceal are those that are 3 inches or less, or in some case, those that are not above 4 inches.

Otherwise, carrying gravity knife, stilettos, and daggers are illegal because they’re considered tools for harming others.

  1. Is a penknife that’s clipped in your Pocket Concealed?

A concealed knife is similar to a “concealed weapon.” Therefore, you have to be cautious about the type of pocketknife you carry. In some regions, moving about with a knife clipped to your pocket may not be concealable. The reason is that a trained eye can decipher it even without noticing the bulge in your pockets.

Therefore, you must conceal a clipped knife and carry around in public with good reason, then such a knife must have a folding blade, and should have a cutting edge of 3 inches long or less than that.

  1. What considered a pen Knife?

Knives that are considered pocketknives must be shorter in length. Ideally, pocketknives are small, folding knives that can fit in a pocket. Anything other than that, depending on the laws of different states, maybe considered illegal to own and carry.

Final Verdict

Pocketknives are excellent tools that you can use to make the best out of everything. The adaptability for use in the home and public places make it one of the best tools you can take along with you anywhere you go.

Now, you needn’t rack your brain on the things to look for when buying one or the type of pocketknife you should choose. We’ve done all the homework for you in our pocket knife reviews, as discussed above. It’s now left for you to select the best pocket knives that appeal to you, search for them on your favorite merchant’s store, and start using them as your desire, of course, in tandem with the laws of the state you reside.



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